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South Bay 6.19.2017

Rodney and Meghann Pino

I’ve been a musician for 40 years and I finally got tired of the long commutes and high cost of rehearsing and recording in Hollywood. There wasn’t much available to musicians in my neighborhood. And there was a LOT of great music coming out of the South Bay, from punk and metal, to jazz and R&B. Read More>>

Cheryl Groff

I first started photography right after high school. I started taking a bunch of photo classes at the local college and fell in love. It was such an amazing feeling to work in the dark room, hands-on and be able to physically create what I shot with my camera. Read More>>

Dan Shabtai

A Passion for the World of Unique Decor, and a Will to Pass On the Beauty to a New Admirer. Staging it right, if there is a right, and communicating the intrinsic value to the person looking at it. We started 2 years ago, and have a unique twist on home consignment. Read More>>

Scott Sands

Being a late bloomer and scrawny kid, I played baseball through college and had a huge performance shift when I started really strength training and gained 10 lbs. of muscle in one month. It changed my game, and my life! Read More>>

Ralph Villalobos

I am from Lennox/Hawthorne CA. My interest in art began around age 6 when my mom gave me her old Tarzan comic. It was written in Spanish, so I barely understood the words but the art was incredible so I spent most of my time trying to draw the images. Read More>>

Christina Harris

A couple years ago, we rented a Photo Booth for my son’s Baptism celebration. Being entrepreneurial minded, we both thought to ourselves, “We can do this! And much better!” A couple weeks later, my dad and I invested in our first booth. Read More>>

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