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South Bay 3.20.2017

Jose Amaral Jr

After working at a local Tech company for 2 years as Lead Technician been under paid and underappreciated and where the company had been falling apart due to lack of management structure and leadership from the owners, I found myself having to do the job of the receptionist, Sales person, Technician as well as various of the duties that the owner should had been doing himself. Read More>>

Michele Velazquez

In 2010, co-founder Marvin Velazquez proposed to me. I did not feel that the proposal was very “me” and asked him why he chose to propose to me the way he did. He mentioned that there were not any resources out there for men to help them propose so we decided then and there to make one. Read More>>

Rochelle Rowan Jaleh

Those who know me best would say I was always destined to be a #girlboss. I started my career in sales where you had to be an entrepreneurial self-starter in order to truly succeed. However, after 10 years in sales, I began to realize that while I had success, I was missing my purpose. Read More>>

Carlos Elias

I am well known as Master Caique. The reason of my nickname is that my name is Carlos Henrique so that is a shortage. It was gave to me by my kindergarten teacher. Read More>>

James Chang

I have always worked in the realm of customer service. Whether it was tutoring in high school, a telemarketing job in college or the 17 years I’ve worked in the corporate world since graduating. Working with people and providing services have always been at the center of my universe. Read More>>

Maria Weston

About 10 years ago, I was at crossroads in my life; major life changes with a looming divorce. At that time, I had been out of the workforce for over a decade as a stay-at-home mother. Read More>>

Sydon Arroyo

I attended the UCLA School of Dentistry where I graduated with honors in cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics. I completed a post-doctoral residency at the University of Florida & Shands Medical Center that focused on dental implants and full mouth reconstructions. Read More>>

Trevor Elder

In the early days, my passion was skateboarding. From fifth grade on, all that I could think about was learning new tricks, discovering new skate spots, and spending time with like-minded buddies. Skateboarding provided me with a creative outlet, a dynamic physical challenge, and a community of encouragement. Read More>>

Alisa Wyatt

I’d been a Pilates Instructor for over 10 years when my husband (who was a travel photographer) and I decided to make dvd workouts for my clients. This was back in the early 2000s and a friend who worked at laughed when we told him we were making dvds because as he said, dvds were going extinct. Read More>>

Liz Owens

Moving to Los Angeles with a background in retail helped land me one of my jobs as a buyer at Universal Studios. The one shop I managed and bought for had a very vintage feel and direction. Read More>>

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