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South Bay 12.04.2017

Dr. Shahid Sheikh

1. Immigrated to the United States after having served in Pakistan Military for approximately 10 years. 2. Completed undergraduate degree in business, MBA (Marketing), and Post MBA Certificate in Marketing from California Lutheran, and Doctorate in Organizational Change for Pepperdine. Read more>>

Carrie Purser

I was living in Utah, a mother of two children and in my early 30’s. One day I woke up said to myself “I want to go to Cosmetology school”. So I enrolled and graduated in 2002. From that day forward it has been one incredible journey. Read more>>

Eric Curry

Eric was born in Los Angeles, vintage 1956. Raised on sugary breakfast cereals, and Saturday morning cartoons, with healthy doses of “Gilligan’s Island” re-runs thrown in for good measure. Graduating the public school’s system with a solid “C” grade point average, he was clearly destined for greatness, or at least a career in the visual arts. Read more>>

Jill Velez and Leora Mauck

As of this year, we have been working creatives for 11 years. We started our journey out of the home, like a lot of art-based companies. Originally, we designed and created greeting cards and paper goods for resale at stationery shops across the country. Not long after our beginnings, we moved out of the home and began to receive calls about doing custom work. Read more>>

Dennis Kamoen

I was born in a row house outside of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a young boy, I traveled with my fashion model mom, who had split from my father, to other countries including Belgium, France, Spain and onto the continent of Africa. It was at that time I learned to love adventure in foreign lands. Read more>>

Kelly Fedio

I’m an attorney, turned successful entrepreneur, who built a 7-figure brand selling on Amazon in just 1 year. After years of trying to juggle being a wife and mother of two, having a career and constantly feeling stressed and stretched, I decided to make a major change. Read more>>

Sharon Oh

I knew since I was in the 6th grade that I wanted to work with people who had disabilities. I used to give up my recesses and lunch times in school to help out in the special education class. Even at that young age, I loved feeling like I could make a difference. Read more>>

Allen Rubin

In 1997, I had a business that required a website. I was not much of an internet person back then. Every time I asked the web designer to change something, they would send me an outrageous bill. That’s when I decided to go back to college and take some photoshop/illustrator/dreamweaver/flash classes. Read more>>

Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri

I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing and the art of storytelling. I’m fascinated by people’s resiliency and how one person’s struggle can serve as a bridge for another to find hope and strength. As a K/1 teacher I spend most of my time consumed by picture books. Read more>>

Tracy Winters

Rosanna came to me one day to ask if I would be interested in starting a rain gutter company. At that time, we had one rather large property management company in need of having all of the gutters on their properties cleaned and repaired. Read more>>

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