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South Bay 10.16.2017

Lisa Budianto

After finishing college with a degree in Behavioral Science, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and I ended up taking graduate school courses in Education before earning my M.S. in Health Care Administration. I began working at a college, counseling students who consistently expressed frustration about feeling uncomfortable on the college campus. Read more>>

Amber Susa Jewett

Allomi is a manifestation of my desire to live a fully expressed life and share what I have learned. I have come to understand that I must nurture my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical life to achieve complete health and live my best life. Read more>>

Babak Bijarchi

Several years ago, I was stuck at a dead-end job and bored out of my mind. I need a challenge and my job at gateway computers wasn’t providing that. I had a great friend of mine who was a mortgage broker whom I referred business to on an ongoing basis. He was always thankful for the leads. Read more>>

Steve Connolly

This all started because I love surfing. I grew up on the east coast and would spend the summers visiting my grandparents at the beach, while eventually my family bought our own house just down the street. No one in my family surfed before but for whatever reason I was determined to do it and would beg my parents to get me a surfboard. Read more>>

Dena Lombardo

I developed a love for Pilates over 10 years ago, and decided to pursue a Pilates teaching certificate, becoming certified in 2014. Being a free-lance Pilates instructor is a tough gig with lots of long hours and travel. Read more>>

Mary Ann Celinder

As a kid, I was always using my hands to make things: drawing, painting, shaping clay, weaving, embroidery, sewing my own clothes. If I bought a gift it didn’t feel like it was from me. At 16, a brother gave me some glass paints so it added to the projects I was already making. I’d buy old frames at second hand stores and paint the glass to look like stained glass. Read more>>

Jeff Losey

I started Lantern Electric in 2003 and Incorporated in 2012. I started things out with the Mission Statement that “Good work would be performed with a longer than average warranty and this would NOT be at the cost of my employees.” Read more>>

Yanki Greenspan

Westland Real Estate Group is a family business started by my grandfather. I knew I wanted to work for the company since I was 12. I worked the front desk during the summers through my teenage years. I went to college in New York. I got married and had my first child in my senior year. Read more>>

Dani Babb

I started my career in technology, building networks and managing IT teams. It was challenging and enjoyable, exciting and constantly changing! I geeked out every day with the latest gadgets (from the 90’s). I found myself spending my free time encouraging others to get into tech… particularly women who are underrepresented in the sciences. Read more>>

David Schlute

My career started in 1997 when I worked hard to get my 4 year B.S. degree in Exercise and Sport Science with an emphasis in Wellness, then completed a year of massage education to get my Massage Therapy license, and finally a grueling and intense 4 year doctorate in Chiropractic in 2007. Read more>>

Candy Adams

I was working for a technology company in Sales Administration and was asked to open two new sales offices — finding commercial property and building it out with offices and demo centers. After two successful (on time and on budget) office openings, I returned to HQ and was told I’d been promoted in my absence to trade show exhibit manager since it required all the same skills I’d exhibited building out offices. Read more>>

Mauricio Cassulino

As a child growing up in the 80’s, I was always riding my bike, jumping curbs, doing wheelies and hanging out with my friends down the street. One day I came across the movie ET. That movie changed my life right away and all I wanted to do was to ride my bike just like those guys in the movie! Read more>>

Patricia Anaya

I am passionate about teaching pre/post-natal yoga and guiding pregnant couples as they birth their babies! I have nearly a decade of experience; have been featured on TV CBS news and Dr. Stu’s Podcast as well as blogs and articles. Read more>>

Hunter Hill

I’ve loved stand up comedy since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until I was 24 that I decided to give it a try. I got hooked and it has been a hustle ever since. Searching for stage time, taking risks & having to face dead silence is exhausting. For years I didn’t have a car and lived in Westlake Village. Read more>>

Ashley Tomasino

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois suburb called Lake Zurich where I played soccer, ran track and cross country. I was a quiet kid who was very influenced by my grandmother and her spiritual practice and belief systems. She encouraged me to follow my heart, and so I began studying teachers like Edgar Cayce at the age of nine. Read more>>

Robert Pearson

HelloDigital was created out of a need we saw from a lot of our clients at Rareview, our larger agency. We noticed that there was a significant amount of clients that wanted smaller websites for different reasons, only wanting to invest $10k or less into them. Read more>>

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