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South Bay 05.29.2018

Jenn Langsdale

More than 6 years ago I walked through the doors of the Nest mommy & me program as a new mom with my first baby boy. I was excited, overwhelmed, madly in love with my baby, exhausted, and eager to meet other moms. The Nest quickly became an invaluable community for me. Read more>>

Nikki Cannon, Nichole Cannon

Mrs. Cannon was born in Kansas City, Mo, but raised in Hawaii. She moved to Los Angeles to attend Los Angeles High School and then Graduated from USC. She has worked in the Financial Services Industry with Transamerica for over 15 years. Read more>>

Jason Jenn

I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary in Los Angeles! It’s been a fascinating journey with many unexpected and treasured twists. I grew up in different conditions than this massive urban sprawl – a small town of 500 people in rural Iowa where I was paperboy and enjoyed playing in the woods by the river and in the cornfields of the family farms. Read more>>

Marie Richter

I discovered and fell in love with Indoor Cycling while living in Germany. It was 2013 and I was depressed. Two people that I loved very much had recently died; my father-in-law of 15 years and one of my dearest, oldest, and closest friends. Read more>>

Jessica Luengo

As a longtime pilates instructor, I was always looking for clean convenient foods to eat in between clients and to share with my family. Unfortunately, I found a lack of nutrition bars that carried ZERO processed or artificial ingredients! Most all had a ton of sugar, protein powders, flavors, preservatives, soy and/or sweeteners. Read more>>

Chef Shad

It started in 2009 while i was incarcerated in mens central county jail. I always had a passion for cooking growing up. My grandma before she passed would always tell to go to culinary school, but i didnt take it serious. Read more>>

Daniel Olexa

I feel like I started this journey a long, long time ago. As I look back on my life, I realize that I’ve always been drawn to self-improvement and helping others to live better lives. It just took a few decades for the pieces to all fit together smoothly. Read more>>

Tom Rowe

Our Fantastic story begins where most tech companies begin — way back in 1998 in a dusty garage somewhere in Southern California. I started Fantastic IT as a one-man shop working as a freelancer for home users and local businesses that needed IT support and basic fixes. Read more>>

Sandra Moreno Papadimitriou

I am one of many successful immigrant stories, which I couldn’t be more proud of specially during these times of an anti Immigration administration. Colombian/Ecuadorian descent..My parents, Andres Moreno and Maria Petita Moreno and their 5 children, myself being the 3rd child, arrived to Miami, Florida in 1976 from Bogota Colombia as new residents of the USA. Read more>>

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