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South Bay 05.15.2018

Matt Liknaitzky

I started flying when I was 16 (24 years ago) and have accumulated varied experience and ratings over the years. Aviation is my life and my work. To me aviation is the intersection of the mind, the body and emotion. Read more>>

Doris Kiesling Garrett

11 years ago, I was 8 months pregnant with my second child, preparing divorce papers. Hundreds of emotion surrounded my broken heart. It was not an easy time for me. In my twenties I took seminars and courses because I was a heavy stutterer till middle school. Read more>>

Corrie Scully, Renie Schoenkerman

MiddleBar didn’t start off as a business. It began in 2007 in the middle room of our shotgun style apartment, where we built an amazing library bar with a beautiful redwood pub table as the centerpiece for people to stand and engage. Read more>>

Kevin Torf

Early on I was always fascinated by electronics and new technology. My father would have me disassemble electronics and put them back together. Then I got into programming and developed a software program that helped predict future movie rental habits based on your rental history. Read more>>

Rhonna Del Rio

“May we share your art in the yoga studio?” [Insert my confused look with fear of judgement setting in.] “Why would anyone want to see it?!” I thought. Who knew that this dialogue would lead me to where I am today? Read more>>

Colleen Berg

Colleen Berg started her business over 17 years ago, when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She was working in advertising but wanted to work from home when her daughter was born. She managed to sign several agreements with different ad agencies to work freelance from home. Read more>>

Garrett Carroll

Our operation started as a home-brew endeavor back in 2010 after being inspired by our experience in Portland at the annual Oregon Brewers Festival. We quickly upgraded to all grain brewing and continued to educate ourselves through the process of experimentation. Read more>>

Keisha Clark-Booth

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, I began to dance at the age of 3; which is typical of most professional dancers. Starting this young allows the underdeveloped body to be molded and shaped easily. Little did I know that dance would prove to be such an invaluable asset to my life. Read more>>

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