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South Bay 05.01.2018

Cheryl Leahy

I will never forget the moment when I was in 6th grade and my friend confronted me about what I was eating. She saw me pick up a roast beef sandwich and said, “Did you know that you’re eating the decomposing flesh of a tortured animal?” I froze, with my mouth open, sandwich dangling from my fingers between the table and my face. Read more>>

Hazel Clarke

I was teaching dance at the School of Dance and Music in Redondo Beach. It was summertime, and my fellow colleagues and I had a little more time to spare, so we decided to start holding classes for each other for fun. Read more>>

Victoria Hulbert

I’ve always loved telling stories. And I’ve always loved traveling. Those are my two creative homes. In college, I majored in Writing & Literature and after college, I spent 15 months backpacking through Australasia, Southeast Asia, India and the U.K. Read more>>

Dr. Shadeiyah Edwards

I spent my earlier years growing up in South Central Los Angeles. We lived on 48th and Vermont. I attended Normandie Avenue Elementary. My mother had me at 19yrs old and was a single mother, who didn’t graduate high school. Read more>>

John Cruikshank

I got started as a civil engineer working for Caltrans in Los Angeles and only worked for them for a little more than one year. After working for a couple of mid-sized engineering firms doing primarily freeway design projects I started my own design firm in 1996. Read more>>

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