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South Bay 04.03.2018

Kara Wilson, Jennifer McMahon, Brandy Johnston

So it started out that I was going to run a 50 mile race alone, but then I somehow convinced my buddy, running machine Jennifer McMahon, (a running coach) to join me. Our families were fully committed. Then my friend, the most talented Brandy Johnston found out, she asked us if she could document our journey ( I think we thought she meant a slide show, but it’s anything but…). Read more>>

Alanna Marcelletti

I have always being a creative type, but didn’t take formal classes until I was in high school. Art quickly became my favorite subject, and that passion carried over into college when I began my undergraduate work at California State University of Long Beach. During that time I focused my energy on metalsmithing, drawing, and painting. Read more>>

Kimberly Yount

Almost 3 years ago, on a whim and a slight push from my friend Eric (@methsyndicate), I took a joke too far and made 2 enamel pin designs. When they arrived, I laughed to myself, thinking; I’m sure no one will want these except for a few friends who will pity purchase them out of sheer support. Read more>>

Lisa Valerie Morgan

I was working as an actress when I started my blog 5 years ago. There was suddenly a new emphasis placed on having a social media following when casting roles. Casting directors began to ask at auditions how many Twitter and Instagram followers you had. Read more>>

Christian Bishop

Right off of finishing a TV show with ABC “The Bachelor” I decided to go all in on pursuing something I could be passionate about. I spent ten years working for corporate America and consistently performed very well. Walked away from a 200k job to find something I could be passionate about. Read more>>

Danielle Determan

Growing up, when asked if I was artistic I would answer with a hard no. I played softball starting at the age of seven and continued all the way through my college years. That was my passion. When I graduated I pursued a job in medical device sales. It was a perfect fit for me because I could continue to exercise my competitive spirit. Read more>>

Raquel Moscardon

I started out writing resumes and cover letters for family and friends. After moving to SoCal in 2014, I surrounded myself with business leaders and mentors by joining a Toastmasters group. I met my life coach within that group and she taught me how to think bigger than myself. Read more>>

Alexis Rivas

We launched Cover in 2014 and completed our first unit in 2017. We are an Los Angeles based technology company that designs, manufactures, and installs custom backyard homes. Our mission is to make thoughtfully designed and well-built homes for everyone. Read more>>

Chirag Shah Matt Williamson

We started Accesa Health to help people solve their everyday health problems with high-quality service in a model that provides upfront and transparent pricing. We focused on truly listening to our customers and providing great and timely service. Read more>>

Sarah B. Williams

While in my last year of high school, I started working in a residential facility with individuals dual diagnosed with Mental Health and Mental Retardation. This opportunity was a tough, but great introduction to a world of supporting people who just needed someone to help them manage their day to day lives in getting the most of life by finding ways to contribute to the greater whole. Read more>>

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