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South Bay 03.20.2018

Brandy Williams

Garden Butterfly emerged from a curriculum that I developed while earning a Master of Arts in Human Services-Executive Leadership. The course of study focused on living classrooms that comprised of sustainable practices, pollinator education, and the basic elements of garden design and development in inner-city schools. Read more>>

Johnny Jet

I grew up in South Norwalk, Connecticut. I only flew a handful times before starting high school but was always fascinated by it. I talked my mom into going on a dream trip to Australia but my asthma doctor put the fear of God in me about the long flight. Read more>>

Yann Fard

I am a Senior Loan consultant at Redondo Mortgage Center. Previously, I was with a retail bank and joined Redondo Mortgage Center in 2012. My role at the company is to find the best solutions to my clients’ unique financial needs when they need a real estate mortgage. Read more>>

Aaron Anvaripour

After graduating from UCLA in 2004 with a degree in Economics, I was still deciding what career path to choose. My father had been successful in Real Estate and had been encouraging me to join the industry. But I wasn’t too interested at the time. I wanted to blaze my own trail and do something different from what he was doing. Read more>>

Isaac Scharf, Ari Berman

It was the end of 2012 and I recently sold a business which I operated with a business partner. I wasn’t sure what was next for me… I was trading stocks during the day while trying to figure out my next move. I first started a home health care referral agency but after a couple of weeks I knew it was not for me and I shut it down. Read more>>

Brittany Diego

Since I was ten years old, I knew that I wanted to be in the fashion industry. Back then, I didn’t know all of the avenues I could pursue. I only knew of the designers and models, so I dedicated a huge chunk of my life to pursuing fashion design. Read more>>

Alec Carlson

The Automobile Driving Museum started as the private collection of Stanley Zimmerman many years ago. As the collection grew and as Mr. Zimmerman became more involved in the hobby he decided to open his doors to the public. We have been in our current location for going on 11 years as a 501c3 non-profit corporation that operates with a small staff and countless volunteers. Read more>>

Sharon Ehlers

Prior to 2014, I was an executive-level professional with management, national policy, information technology, cybersecurity, strategic planning and leadership experience in the commercial, defense, industrial, intelligence and federal sectors. After the suicides of a close friend and a former fiancé within a two-year period, I was confused about how many people either avoided me or didn’t want to talk about these events. Read more>>

Nick Bishop

I became a jackaroo (cowboy), in Western Australia then worked in a uranium mine as a driller’s offsider near Jabiru in Australia’s Northern Territory, then returned to my home in Adelaide, South Australia to matriculate (pass high school). Read more>>

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