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South Bay 03.13.2018

Gretchen Tiernan

We started Sand Spa because we knew firsthand the many benefits of massage treatments. As collegiate basketball players, we used massage regularly to treat ailments, improve mobility and prolong the longevity of our playing careers. Read more>>

Jamie Choe

I grew up always loving flowers fashion. When it was time for me to choose my career / school I went to school to become electronic / computer engineer. I thought I could enjoy flowers, fashion & design as hobby. So I started working for a big corporation as an engineer and IT system administrator right after college in Silicon Valley. Read more>>

Danielle Holloway

I birthed my organization Phenomenal Girls do to work I do with my women clients as I’m a Certified Life Purpose Coach. I work with women helping them discover their true purpose in life and live unappologetically their best life yet. In the process of working with these clients I would always hear them say they wished they had worked with someone like me when they were younger to help empower them to live out their purpose, while giving them tools and resources to be success and being one of their biggest cheerleaders. Read more>>

Philip Rebentisch

Like any kid growing up in a small Michigan town with more cows than people, I made my first film at age 17. It was a travelogue satire, and from then on my goal was to be a writer. To this day, writing remains the core of my professional passions. Read more>>

Joshua Garcia

I wanted to give back to the community and be a part of it. I met with a community leader for lunch and that’s where my journey began. I got connected with an organization to organize and curate an art event for the community (I love art) later in the year. From that moment, I set out to curate amazing and creative artists for the event. Read more>>

Scott David

I’ve always been interested in conservation, ecological research or similar fields because, like a lot of people in this line of work, I grew up loving animals. So after I got my masters degree in ecology, I decided to try and make a career out of actively helping animals. After doing some soul searching, I decided to apply for a job as an undercover investigator at Compassion Over Killing. Read more>>

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