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Sky Sportswear’s Platonic Collaboration

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sky Sportswear, one of the businesses Moni & her team collaborated with during the production of their webseries Platonic.

Sky Sportswear has a rich history. Can you give our readers a quick summary to bring them up to speed on the basics of your story.
Over 40 years ago, in 1975, Sky Sportswear was opened up by the same family that’s still running the operations today. With its’ mission set at providing high quality, printed premium clothing at affordable prices, Sky Sportswear opened up its’ doors at the exact location where the main street storefront stands today. After years of working and saving up every single dollar they could, the Lee’s decided to merge their passion for Clothing and their acumen within inventory management to open up a premium print house, where exceptional design meets the highest standard of production.

Can you tell us more about the brand, what it represents and what you hope people will take away from it?
Sky Sportswear represents the advancement of our client’s current brand to new heights.

It’s 2019, so we takin off, zoooom! We want people to find what they are good at, but more importantly areas they are lacking in, and grow by facing what makes them uncomfortable. Comfortability and stagnancy don’t create growth, friction does.

You’ve been in business for a long time, what have been the keys to your long-lasting success?
Two things:

#1 We invest our time and resources to perfecting our craft, that means we always haver state of the art equipmenet that makes products we can take pride in, and we make sure to pay attention and do a little digging of our own on technologies and procedures that a creating innovation within our industry.

#2 Our employees from the marketing team to factory workers are a family that make sure that every order is handled with precision and attention to detail from production to delivery. We make sure that you’re happy with your order, and if not we’ll work on it until you are.

Tell us about your collaboration with Moni & Platonic. We’d love to hear about your work with them and the importance of such collaborations.
We designed and manufactured a series of merch for their web series “Platonic” a while back. We love supporting our community and we believe that collaboration is the key to expansion and iteration of one’s story.

Learn more & Connect with Sky Sportswear:


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