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Rising Stars: Meet Rian Jones

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rian Jones.

Hi Rian, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.

Hey Hey!! The name is Rian Bishop Jones and it’s Rian with an “I” not a “Y”. My birthday is May 19, 1998. #TaurusSquad! I’m a huge people person and love to spread good energy. As a kid, I was always intrigued by movie posters outside the movie theaters. Also, just being in the theatre watching a movie… I just always saw myself there and I remember being emotional about it. It was just something I always visioned and was very passionate about. My brother always inspired me as well growing up watching him do his thing growing up. I was born in Lancaster, CA, then ended up moving to small town in Texas called Ballinger when I was 9. This town is a suuuuper small town that has a population of 3000 people. I started off doing the news for my Junior High. I loved being in front of the camera and acting/entertaining. I did that until high school where I just focused on sports and school. After all of that, I ended up majoring in Mass Media at Angelo State in San Angelo. I ended up becoming the Public Announcer for the Basketball and Football games. My professor Donald Plachno loved a voiceover commercial I made in one of his classes. He asked me to be the PA.. which was pretty cool because I just joined and a lot people were waiting do that job. Really practiced on my timing and pronunciation. I had a lot of fun with that and was a great experience! I got to host half-time shows with that crowd and fans. My initial plan was to be a news anchor or weatherman. I was announcing for the university and making connections with the news program. That was the plan!! I then came across this showcase called “The Arts” in Orlando when I was late night scrolling on Instagram.

I was very intrigued and wanted to see where I stood in the eyes of actual agents/casting directors and wanted to see what that world was about. I had no idea what a headshot was, didn’t have a resume or anything, but I was willing to give it a shot! I got together a little portfolio and resume to the best of my capability after googling on how too. We had to perform a 60 second self-prepped monologue, a commercial spot and a 15 film scene in front of 20-30 agents. I was 1 of 20 out of 700 people to receive a scholarship to The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. I was so excited and ready to take on this adventure. Things didn’t end up working out and I had to improvise and think of another plan. I was super bummed out because I was really looking forward to going to NY and grow as an individual. At this point, I already quit my job as a cashier, didn’t enroll in classes at my university and moved out my apartment back home. I was literally at ground zero. So I quickly researched areas in LA and got together a plan. I had certain amount of savings saved up as well, and I had to make something happen… especially after dropping everything. That led me finding my first place in Glendale. It was a whole lot easier moving to LA than trying to go to NY.. like the steps were a bit easier.. and that’s where my faith steps in. Everything happens for a reason and I’m supposed to be exactly where I’m supposed to be. Moved to LA at the age of 19.. and shared a two story house with five other roommates. First night was very uncomfortable.. parents dropped me off and went back to Texas. I’m sleeping in a house full of strangers, thinking how my whole life just completely changed.. it was a lot to take in.

Thankfully everyone in the house were really cool after getting to know them. That move itself is what made me today. That was the most uncomfortable and unknown move I’ve ever made.. but it was the best one and the one that really defined my career. It almost felt selfish just leaving my parents and close ones to go to my thing, but I know it’ll all work out. I had to figure out what I needed to do and get it done. First week out, I was looking for jobs and looking for acting/commercial classes to perfect my craft. I was also trying to attend as many showcases, meet and greets, and open calls.. just trying to get my name out there. In the midst of doing that, I found two serving jobs. I worked one overnight, then the other one during the day. 10pm-6am then go to the other job from 11am-7pm, then right back to the other job at 10pm. I did this vicious cycle 4-5 days a week for a year while trying to balance my acting/modeling career. That was pretty much impossible…but I did the best I could, day by day. Then, COVID hit… which led to me losing both of my jobs simultaneously. COVID of course hit us all very differently. I also had to move out of my place and move into a trailer parked out in front of my GF’s mom’s house. During this time, it was hard to be motivated.. which often led me wanting to move back home to Texas multiple times. It was definitely tough times.. having to scrape money to eat and everything.

On the bright side, the time being stuck in the trailer gave me more time to think what I wanted and start taking some bigger steps in my career; Which was very difficult when I was working two jobs. I had to be optimistic about that current situation. I put all my focus on my career and made a plan for once the pandemic chilled down. Spent about four months total in the trailer, then me and my gf found a master bedroom to rent out. My GF’s dad asked if I wanted to work with him in construction. I worked construction for eight months while finding some representation and getting back to my career. Fast forward to now, I’m so glad everything worked out the way it did. Have a two-bedroom apartment with my GF right now in Sherman Oaks. I just got done working on two different projects with VS/PINK. On the first project, they flew me out to NY to model for their unisex line. I just finished up doing a video with them as well on Hispanic Heritage Month, me being African American, Spanish, and Native. I’m also in the works of filming my first SAG film with the best cast/crew, which is very exciting. Acting/entertainment industry is very competitive, so I’m very blessed to be working. Just looking forward to keep building from here and continue to sharpen my craft. I love what I do and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Oh yes…. most definitely struggles. Everything I mentioned in the last question. There is however a story that will always stick with me. During one theatrical showcase, in every form, I got torn to shreds. It was literally my FIRST showcase in LA. My acting classes I was attending to at the time, The AFA Studio, hosted a showcase exclusively for their students. I decided why not and prepped a monologue given to me by my teachers. I was ready and so excited because I had sooo much confidence I was gonna do so great and I was gonna get signed that day!! Hahaha…… well that did not happen. I performed my monologue and received feedback from the agents. All of them weren’t interested, but one in specific had some more to say. (Which I still remember who) They put on my paper that I had no look, my headshots were poor, I had no character and I looked way too nervous… I mean, I know I just started but sheeeeesh.

Keep in mind, it’s like my second month in LA. That day I remember going home and just laying in bed sooooo down on myself and wondering why I was even trying this. It’s times like those I want to share to people to help inspire/motivate them to do whatever they wanna do. One person’s opinion doesn’t matter. You truly know what you’re capable of and shouldn’t listen to people’s opinions about you. I stayed strong, forgot about the situation and moved on. Also, just missing my parents and close ones. It’s really hard being apart so far from your parents and all your family/close ones you grew up with get homesick at times, but I know it’ll all work out for sure.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
I am an actor, model, entertainer and public influencer. I specialize in really anything that will make me a better individual. In specific, I specialize in mainly acting, modeling, entertaining. I’ve been known for an MTV show I starred in called  “Flex on My Ex” when I first moved to LA. Which is funny because that’s how I actually met my current GF. Crazy right! Actually dating after meeting on a dating show. A music video I starred in “Can We Fall In Love Again” which gave me 20,000+ followers on Instagram. I started at about 2,000 followers then ended up at 20k followers in a day after the video was posted, it was wild! I lost a few and I’m at about 18.8k right now. I’m known for my work with VS/PINK from their unisex line. I also did a Hispanic Heritage Month video with them and have been recognized from that. It’s pretty awesome because VS/PINK is prioitzied for female clothing and I’m blessed to be one of their breakthrough male models for their new unisex line. Also, in the works of a SAG film called “And One” as Travis Thompson. Filming it with the BEST cast/crew, I could ask for. It’s been a very long.. windy road in to booking my first role for a SAG film. After the the COVID pandemic, everything is mostly submitted online.  It can be beneficial at times, but you lose that in person spark and vibe.Mainly the plan is to keep sending the best auditions i can send to book more roles. I’m also prioritizing in finding some modeling representation to get more work in that alley. I’ve also been reading some books lately to acquire more assets and financial skills. I have plans on starting a business in the near future, so I’ve been trying to learn skills on that.

How do you think about happiness?

It makes me happy knowing I’m blessed and fortunate enough to be chasing my dreams. I love being on set and making memories doing what I love. Meeting new people and learning their story/background. My faith makes me happy and without faith, I would be nowhere near the position I’m in today. It makes me happy just hearing from my parents saying they’re proud of me doing what I’m doing. What would bring me ultimate pure happiness… is retiring my parents and putting them in their dream home. Do anything and everything they ever wanted to do. That’s all I want… they sacrificed so much for me and it would amazing to do that for them, it’s the least I can do. It makes me happy to be close to my family and I’m blessed for that. Without my family, I wouldn’t be anything. My girlfriend Jaclyn makes me happy, she’s been here for the most part of my journey here in LA and we’ve been through a lot together (like living in a trailer in front of her mom’s house) which means a lot! I mean it was a cool spor.. But we could’ve used a bit more space and AC haha. It just makes me happy knowing she’s happy. The gym is my true happy place. I’m in the current stage of getting back to my pre-covid body. The gym is a place I can go to and forget all my worries, lift some weights, listen to music and wind down. I also love to unwind by playing video games. I love 2k, Madden, and COD. It takes stress off reality sometimes lol. I’m happy to wake up everyday with another chance to better myself. Taking everyday, day-by-day, and trying to improve myself. Loving life and taking the challenges (:

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