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Rising Stars: Meet Natasha Baillères

Today we’d like to introduce you to Natasha Baillères.

Hi Natasha, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
It is so nice to meet you! I love what VoyageLA is all about and I am so excited to share my story thus far. My name is Natasha Baillères, Psy.M., M.Ed. and I am the owner of Lull Health & Wellness and Lull Yoga; est. September of 2020. Ahh- Happy 1 Year Anniversary Lull H & W! It’s flown by. I created this brand with a mission to help others build connection between their mind, body and spirit. While integrating wellness and technology, I developed LULL Health and Wellness; utilizing esoteric tools for optimal wellbeing. Currently in partnership with HealthySpot, NRG-Fitness, Luxury Apartments and private practices, Lull H & W incorporates animal human bond, positive psychology, education psychology and science based research at practice to help & serve the community. I wanted to introduce diverse esoteric tools in a way that made sense for each persons’wellness needs. Practices that can start simple but grow deeper. What works for Jane’s mind body spirit connection might not work for Jack’s, you know?

After working at NFL & Snapchat as a digital media producer while earning a double master’s in psychology from Pepperdine and Columbia University, I started to uncover how my strengths in production and passion for psychology/self discovery could unite. This epiphany brought about Lull H & W. What a way to sum up my journey- definitely easier said than done. It’s extremely vital to mention that I was going through my own struggles in life, as well as loss and grief. Though very heavy, these emotions helped uncover what wellness tools worked best for me, in addition to dealing with the challenges of solitude quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic… BUT my goodness, doing the inner work and building this brand fueled the fire inside me.

The pandemic restricted my plan (as many can relate) to engage in person with others, so I focused on what was in my control; my production skills and my passion for positive psychology. I started creating live videos and engaging content with the intention of making practices feel as intimate online as they would in person. These videos incorporated mediations, visual practices, sound bathing, yoga and animal human bond practices. I worked with groups online via zoom, hosted events for K-12 classrooms introducing mindfulness and I also offered 1-1 practices. Working with different ages, I felt inspired to continue creating simple and complex practices that worked for each individual or group. I wanted to help others find deeper meaning and connection within themselves during this unusual time. I needed others to experience“lull” [a temporary calm, quiet or stillness].

As others may relate this past year, I grew a much deeper connection with a very special dog, Cooper. What a ride we’ve been on during this pandemic. Our animals helped some of us with isolation more than we know. While studying animal human bond, I started incorporating my pup into the wellness practices I shared online. He LOVED it and so did I! The senior marketing manager from Healthy Spot, Sierra Enticknap reached out to me and we began a beautiful partnership for Dog Yoga Events in March 2021. Since then, I have led their ‘Doga’ events at Westfield Malls in LA to outdoor social events in San Francisco. Today, I host these diverse yoga events for neighborhoods, brands and companies. Currently, lull yoga with your dog incorporates sound baths, movement and breath-work; all shown to build a deeper connection with you and your pup, decrease anxiety and increase relaxation! This service is now open and available in person and online. You can book your own ‘Doga’ (Dog Yoga) event hosted by myself and Cooper!

Lull defined as a verb is to cause someone to feel calm; a fitting name for this brand as lull yoga services and ‘doga’, does just that. Similarly, the lull yoga clothing line was created when I wasn’t feeling so ‘calm’ adjusting my yoga clothes during my practices, especially on camera. How annoying is it when you’re pulled out of your Zen moments because your shorts or tops are riding up? I wanted to make woman, including myself, feel confident, calm, and comfortable while practicing or lounging around- mind & body connection, right? Lull H & W currently has activewear sets and caps available online and at weekly LA farmers markets. I am currently working toward adding activewear for men and harnesses for our ‘doga’ pups!

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
During Lull H & W’s development, I lost someone extremely close to me. The dog that we bought together, Cooper was now solely mine. They spent every moment together, making him an extremely important gift to me. Coop is a true angel, giving unconditional love during incredibly difficult times. Having Cooper during my grieving process, which still comes and goes, created a huge interest in studying animal human bond as well as grief. I used my grief to push forward in uncovering some of my Lull Health & Wellness practices. In this discovery, Lull H & W started to translate to “Let’s Utilize Life’s Lessons”- How could I create or find meaning from this great loss of mine? Gradually, I startedincorporatng Cooper into wellness practices. I knew how much he helped me in my grieving process, and learned through countless studies how animals have assisted others through life’s ups and downs as well. Activating my own spirit, mind and body connection as well as my trust with Cooper is how the development of Lull Doga began. This is currently the primary focus of lull H & W and lull yoga to date.

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
Lull ‘Doga’ with Natasha & Cooper is in honor and all of the heart-filled love for Alexander Baillères (1989-2019). This practice incorporates sound, yoga movement, science, and psychology; it’s truly one of a kind.

I love that lull H & W has different meaning for each person whom I work with. Whether you’re seeking weekly mindfulness practices for a group or classroom, a wellness event to bring about company connection or seeking a 1-1 practice to dive deeper within oneself, practices are customized to fit specific wellness needs WITH & FOR you. We might use sound, yoga movement, science, psychology, and/or animal human bond theories but the outcome will always uncover a greater understanding of ones spirit, mind & body connection.

I am proud that users can feel confident booking virtual practices, knowing their sessions are in the hands of someone who is communicative, passionate, and well versed in technology; guaranteeing a safe, intimate and engaging practice near or far. (As long as WIFI holds up strong, right?)

What are your plans for the future?
I am planning to travel for ‘doga’ events more often; they’re seriously my favorite! Lull H & W will continue hosting fun, lighthearted neighborhood & company connection events as well as the deeper intimate 1-1 experiences with ‘doga’. I am working toward developing a space to share the science behind this practice for animal owners, clients and anyone with interest. You’d be surprised what a few flows with a pup does for your anxiety. In the future, I hope assist animal rescue services build love and trust between rescued animals and the people interacting with them.

As the digital world continues to enhance and adjust post-COVID-19 pandemic, Lull Health & Wellness will update and adjust wellness practices, products & services. Lull H & W will always incorporate new psychological and science-based findings intertwined with spirituality and technology to produce well-rounded practices in person and online. Lull Health and Wellness & lull yoga is dedicated to a mission in helping clients and participants develop a deeper connection between their mind, body and spirit. Here’s to enhancing our overall wellbeing. Here’s to experiencing lull !


  • Doga Event Base price $200 (~15$ per person)
  • Sound Bath & Meditation Base price $150 (~15$ per person)
  • Group Yoga Practice Base Price $110 (~9$ per person)
  • Lull H & W 1-1 $100
  • Lull Yoga Set $75 (shorts & top)

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Black Set & Black hat on pink mat photo with Cooper: @westfeildcenturycity Photo of dogs laying on owners: @healthyspot Photo of me in lull lavander set and clients doing doga: @gpneighborhoods. The others are mine @nbailleresphotography

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  1. Mary Lou Wales

    September 30, 2021 at 23:52

    I am so very looking forward to signing up for a class!
    Thank you for this unique opportunity to relax with my best pal!

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