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Rising Stars: Meet Katelyn Painter

Today we’d like to introduce you to Katelyn Painter.

Hi Katelyn, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
My journey in the beauty industry started with professional training in makeup artistry. I have been a certified professional makeup artist for over 14 years! After a few years of my mom bugging me about getting her eyebrows tattooed, I decided if anyone is going to do it for her, it was going to be me. I have a very natural touch to my work, I treat beauty as an art form. Since my mom has never had eyebrows due to many different rounds of chemo, I really wanted to make sure she was getting the best brow tattoo that looked natural and realistic. After a few years of research, I decided it was time to add cosmetic tattoos to my business. Tattooing has always been a personal passion of mine and after the first day of microblading school, all my stars aligned! I felt I had finally found my true calling. My extensive years in makeup artistry were the best training you could ask for when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Helping others achieve confidence through their own beauty by enhancing what they naturally have is the most fulfilling work. I am so grateful for all the clients over the years that have trusted me with their beautiful faces, I wouldn’t be here without the people who appreciate my work. Now I am working full-time as a cosmetic tattoo artist in my own studio, Feel Good Beauty Studios.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I laughed out loud at this question. It’s been the most beautiful rollercoaster! Good thing I love rollercoasters.

In my formative years, I was working full-time as a MAC retail manager and running my freelance makeup business at the same time. Doing freelance jobs at 5 am and going to work my retail job in the afternoon, often times past 10 pm doing over well over 15 makeups a day. After years of planning my own business, working elsewhere, getting certified in cosmetic tattoos, and building my own clientele for makeup and microblading; I took the plunge to go full-time freelance. I launched my own freelance beauty company that would eventually have its own studio.

Right as I launched, I got locked out of my business Instagram. 0/10 suggest! It rocked my business world. I had to rebrand essentially overnight, from website to business cards, brochures, and contracts. I had no option but to just pick up the pieces and keep going. After a year of freelancing all over California, my wedding business was booming and microblading really started to pick up. 2020 was nearly fully booked with wedding makeup by the end of 2019…

2020- need I say more? At this point, I had 12 years of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice under my belt. I was walking into nearly an entire year of canceled work and the reality that we were entering a pandemic and my only form of income is touching a face. It was incredibly scary- for so many reasons! While there are so many negative things that I felt, it gave me an opportunity to sit back and look at my career for the very first time. It was an awakening I didn’t know I needed.

In June of 2020, word on the street was “things will be open by the 4th of July!” A friend of mine said she called on a studio space for me, and I should go for it. It was an insane risk to take! So classic me, I jumped. I created a studio for makeup and microblading. I made it through 10 months of business closures in LA County before I could actually open to see clients. My freelance work that wasn’t canceled paid for my business just to keep the doors open. In the process of opening my own business, my work shifted from makeup to cosmetic tattoos. I fell more and more in love with my craft in cosmetic tattoos and found my clientele shifting with me.

Once the doors open in March of 2021, I allowed myself to be called to what was meant for me and to simply enjoy what I had built. Microblading took off and I ran with it, and I couldn’t be happier. In the two years since I opened my studio, I have faced an absurd amount of struggles. From vandalism to a pandemic, but we are still here! Still here making sure everyone that comes to us has the space to feel good. It truly has been a rollercoaster but every morning I open the door and turn on the lights and I am overcome with warmth from the positive energy in my studio, every tear shed has been absolutely worth it!

My personal mantra that has helped me get through the struggles of owning a business; be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods. It doesn’t matter how you get there, you must simply persevere.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I have always viewed beauty as an art form. How you treat yourself, how you present yourself, and how you nurture yourself; is all a work of art. And most importantly- we all deserve to feel good about ourselves. I treat each client with customized care. I create brows and cosmetic tattoos that suit them as an individual. Listening to a client about who they are, how they are feeling, and what they hope to achieve is how I create my work.

I specialize in hyper-natural cosmetic tattoos and makeup. I enhance the natural features of the face, ensuring authenticity in all my work. I am known to have a feather-light touch. Of course, I do love to do it up for those who want it! But I do tend to attract a natural-focused clientele.

The cosmetic tattoo services I offer are microblading, shading, faux freckles, lash enhancement, lip blush, and tattoo removal/lightening. Lightening old or bad cosmetic tattoos is not commonly known and something I am really passionate about! There are so many services out there, no one should be walking around with brows they are unhappy with. Brows really do shape the face and I have no explanation other than good brows feel good!

Before we let you go, we’ve got to ask if you have any advice for those who are just starting out?
I really love encouraging others to take the first leap and to keep going!

I wish I knew at the beginning to stand tall in my worth- not all work is worth it. It took me a very long time to say no to work. But in reality, never ever forget quality over quantity. Your energy is sacred and when you are working for yourself you have to know how to utilize that energy to the best of your ability, and that includes knowing when to protect it.

When you are new, it is easy to get rattled by a client. Remember to keep your cool because you are in fact the expert- that’s why they are coming to you- not the other way around. The meeting of minds, especially with strangers, in such an intimate environment can be very challenging. Communication is absolutely key. Don’t forget to work on more than just your actual craft. Practice your professionalism and interactions with your clients and peers. Success is a long game and the relationships you build along the way deserve just as much attention as your physical work.


  • Micorblading $650

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