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Natalie Avalos

It’s kind of interesting how I started Threeologie. I was actually working in Santa Barbara running a film production office in 2014. It was actually one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had. My boss was very demeaning, rude, and refused to pay her employees at times. It was really tough because I had just graduated from college and I desperately needed work so I stuck with it for a year. It got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and I quit spontaneously. Read More>>

Christine Chang

I was born and raised in Taiwan. Painting, doodling and art crafts were always my favorite growing up. I was very lucky that my parents never limit my interest. I went to elementary school and high school major in fine art, and that was where I learned the basic traditional art skills such as charcoal drawing and watercolor painting etc.. Read More>>

Hayley Matsumoto

I have always been the creative type. I enjoyed making hand-painted gifts for my friends or putting an artistic spin on school projects, but from early on I decided I wasn’t destined to be an artist. I saw other kids that could draw with incredible talent and realized they were way out of my league. I thought since I couldn’t draw like them, I must look for another path. It was either the traditional arts or nothing. Read More>>

Jacqui Martinez

My story. Whoa. It’s still going, I guess…. But if there is a beginning, it started when I was born. Outta my mama’s womb. Like everyone else.

The one act that I do remember when I was a kid, is drawing and doodling all the time. My mother would buy me the paint kits they would sell at the swamp meet in the City of Industry. Same place that would transform into the best Drive -In ever at night. These paint kits would come with pencils, watercolor paints, colored pencils, pastels, and markers. All of which didn’t last too long because of the poor quality and my obsessive use over them. Read More>>

Joey Adkins

I was a recording/live sound engineer in the Las Vegas area for close to 10 years. My son was born in 2010 and I realized that the working in the audio industry is difficult when you have a newborn. You will either be in the studio 24/7 or on the road and I didn’t want to miss the most crucial years of my kids’ lives so I bought a book on HTML and started learning how to develop websites. We decided to move back to the LA area to be closer to our families and I managed to score an entry level web development position at The Uprising Creative in Silverlake CA. I’ve been working there and doing freelance for the last 5 years. Read More>>

John DeCastro

My Kuya (brother in Tagalog) was my main inspiration becoming an artist. We would just draw our favorite video game characters. Drawing, it made me feel at peace. Art gave me zen, whether it was creating or admiring others work. I feel like I was destined to be this, an artist. I was put here to express and immerse people in a world they have never seen or been a part of. I want to emphasize beauty in the world, instead of competition and power. I want to create work and not feel intimidated. No matter what, anyone can relate to it. Read More>>

Aryanna Duarte


I’ve been a tomboy ever since I could remember, but as I got into my late teens, I got in touch with my creative side while taking a beginning art class. Once I learned that I could literally put my imagination on paper I became obsessed with pushing myself into new creative boundaries. Read More>>

Jophen Stein

In 2004 started the Snootson Family Showcase, personal branding of narrative works focusing on the correlation between antiquity and modernity. Originally the idea was to balance commercial pursuits with the sophistication of the fine art disciplines. Read More>>

Carlos Sosa

I am a Graphic Designer/Web Developer who loves design, code and never holds back on learning new things. A Cal State Northridge Alumni with a B.A. in Fine Arts, I was involved a lot in college especially in the design community. A SAGA member and leader (an AIGA Student Chapter), involved in The Design Hub working with non-profit organizations on several design projects and became a freelance designer for CSUN VISCOM as well. My college experience was great, having great professors/mentors and collaborating with great students. I am currently also an active member of the Dribbble Los Angeles Community and attend their meetups and an active member of the Behance community here in Los Angeles. Read More>>

Felipe Reynoso

Modeling has been a dream of mine for some time now. But, I have focused much more on photography recently. I always in a somewhat way had it in me due to the fact that my dad does photography as well, as a hobby. Here and there my dad would let me mess around with his camera as a kid. Whether it be at a family function or a random trip to the beach. He would tell me to shoot whatever it is that caught my eye. I seriously thought I didn’t have that as a kid. I do remember me and my dad went out to Huntington Beach here in California and remember him telling me to look at some rocks up against the beaches pier. He told me to see it in a different creative way and I never understood what he was trying to show me. Read More>>

Mitzi Valenzuela

I started Mitzi & Co. Photography back in 2004. I started my Pinup For A Day sessions for the everyday woman who wants to look and feel beautiful. My studio opened in 2005 in downtown L.A. at the Brewery, I offered my photography services along with starting a Pinup Beauty Academy and having frequent art shows to showcase various low-brow and pinup artists. The idea behind pin-up for a day was that any woman no matter her size, shape or nationality was beautiful. What a pinup represents is self-confidence and empowerment. Read More>>

Sophia Bawany

I have always loved all aspects of art. Growing up I wanted to be an artist and dreamed of becoming the next big thing in art. Unfortunately, I didn’t have talent with a conventional canvas. Being from a family that puts a very high value on Hi Betty. Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to remind you if possible to please bring any women’s 1.7 oz fragrance that you may have that you don’t want. I really appreciate it. my mother made sure that I got at lease a bachelor’s degree to have a safety net and to also add value to my personal resume. Getting my business degree actually proved very valuable as I would eventually be running my own business as a makeup artist. Read More>>

Ian Dale

I’ve been interested in visual art since a very young age, although my specific outlets for creativity have changed often over the years. I moved here from the Washington, D.C. area to attend the USC School of Fine Arts, drawn to LA because of the arts, film and animation communities. Initially, I did a lot of 3D computer animation, but at art school, I discovered a love for more traditional drawing and painting as well. I appreciated the flexibility and multimedia aspects of computer art, but also the way 2D painting and illustration can be a more immediate outlet for expressing ideas. Over the years I have gradually found my way towards digital illustration as a fitting combination with the strengths of both disciplines. Read More>>

Gabriela Camarillo Gil

I was brought up by my surgeon father, in Mexico-Monterrey close by the mountains and surrounded by animals. Between reading and playing video games I picked the habit of doodling and making up stories, and though I was set to follow in his footsteps-I suppose it wasn’t all too shocking when I decided a year prior college that I wanted to pursue animation. Moving over to USA to study at Calarts has been a bit tough but I’m happy of the people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve been given to better learn how to tell stories. Read More>>

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