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Chelsea Parrish

When I was in grade school, my teachers all wrote the same thing on my evaluation: visual learner. It was clear that a diagram of a molecule or a picture of an ancient map helped me to understand the big idea or concept, better than any textbook had done. Since then, I have embraced my ability to comprehend and communicate visually, developing skills and interests in photography, music, graphic art, editing, live production, creative entertainment, and animation. Read More>>

JTS Photography

I’ve always been interested in photography, and when I was about 8 years old, I wanted to do black and white film photography. As I grew older, I put my dreams of being a photographer to the side due to the fact that I could see no way of that being possible. In 2011, I threw my mother a birthday party and my aunt and uncle came and brought their Nikon D90. Read More>>

Justin Greene

Wow, how I got started. I mean really, it started at youth for me. Growing up in a small town in Missouri, as a child of an elementary art teacher, and a father whom owned a jewelry store and taught art at the college level, it was pretty much ingrained in me that I’d be an artist. Read More>>

Frankie Madrigal

I realized my love for art at an early age. As a kid, I was always drawing or painting. Naturally, it became my favorite subject in school. I loooved art class Read More>>

Garrett Lu

As of 2014, I began freelance writing for Los Angeles clients, furnishing mostly web content and PR collateral. I began with the doors of whatever industry I could get my foot in, ranging from outdoor recreation and technology to cosmetics and entertainment. The diversity of my clients gave me loads of options to choose from, and I began settling firmly in the arts and culture industry. That was broad enough. Read More>>

Annie Callesta Soetaniman

My obsession with interior design started when I was 11 years old. Before going into the design industry, I tried to learn business for almost 2 years. Why? Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the time and since business is always the safest route to go to, I just went with it. I didn’t like it nor did I enjoy it, so I decided to pursue my career in interior design. I regret not doing it sooner but I also believe that going to school and exploring yourself is never a waste of time. Not only did I get to learn more, I also met people who became my best friends until today. Life is about discovering yourself and learning from your experience. Read More>>

Kourtney Kuroki

I was pre-veterinary medicine my entire life until I started to really get into designing clothes. After my freshman year of college at Oklahoma State University, I changed my major and moved to Chicago to go to design school. In my last year of college I was on an internship here is Los Angeles for costuming for TV and Film when I started to inquire about who creates the monster suits people wear in movies. Read More>>

Chantal Boyajian

I am of Armenian heritage, born in England and grew up most of my life in the Middle East, in Qatar. I returned to England to study Fashion Design at university and returned to Qatar to pursue my career. At the time, the fashion industry was still very new, and though I started off working as a designer, I didn’t feel fulfilled, and so when I was given an opportunity to work with a magazine, I immediately took on what was a new challenge for me. Read More>>

Estephan Quass

I’m originally from Brazil and studied there in Industrial Design with a post-graduation in interior design. Soon after I began working in one of the biggest television networks in Brazil named, SBT. After months of working the late hours, I was noticed and promoted to a set designer. I began designing a variety of sets including outdoor game shows and kids shows. Read More>>

Sharon Lai

I’m from Hong Kong and my family and I moved to Boston when I was a kid. I’m more of a city girl and life has been about living in and experiencing as many big cities as possible. Read More>>

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