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Geneva Cegelis

Growing up, I remember 2 things about my mother: her hands were always wet from the kitchen, and she was always taking photographs. My mother worked as a medical photographer and a freelancer but she left work when my brother was born and worked as a stay at home mom, so I only heard stories about her life as a full-time photographer. But during my childhood, she took a lot of photographs of us kids and during our travels. Read More>>

Carolyn Ngo

It all started with a #2 pencil. My childhood was always filled with a fascination for drawing and expressing myself through art. All the other kids were busy playing with each other at hopscotch and four square. I was the one playing intermittently as half of my attention would go straight to doodling when I was waiting for my next turn. Fast forward to the time when I was still a naive 4.2 GPA high school kid that was 100% sure about being unsure of my future in college. Read More>>

Craig Pickerill

My journey began as a young kid. I have a lot of artist in my family and was exposed to a lot of different types of creative expression but I didn’t know how to convey my own creative voice. Unlike some of my relatives and friends I was never good at drawing, painting or singing, but I loved to tell stories. This being way before the digital age of filmmaking, cameras and photoshop the only available tools I had to use was my dad’s old VCR camcorder and my mom’s old Nikon 35mm still camera, both of which I used to express my creative voice. Read More>>

Irene Nagayo

I’ve been a professional photographer for many years now and still feel incredibly lucky to make my living doing what I most love. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines but have lived in Sydney, Australia for 15 years where I started my photography. I moved to CA in 2013 and continued my passion for capturing distinctive, candid expressions and moments in time. Read More>>

Francis Boncales

I’ve always doodled growing up but didn’t really take art seriously until my junior year of high school. It was my girlfriend at the time who initiated my obsession with drawing and painting. She always encouraged me to draw especially when I didn’t take it seriously. One time, she planned a date to go to a gallery in the arts district in downtown Dallas. I thought it would be fun but had no idea how impactful it was going to be. I remember the work being a hybrid of realistic, graffiti and cartoony. Read More>>

Kimberly Ong

I was born in Indonesia but I grew up in Singapore, I moved to LA about three years about to pursue a degree in Art Center College of Design. It’s funny how people always ask me where do I feel most at home at and my answer always changes. I knew that I wanted to create before I could even walk, according to my mom. She had scribbles on the walls to prove it. I started out drawing out stories in my head with badly drawn stickmans and somehow it led me to become the Graphic Designer I am today. Though I call myself a Graphic Designer, I feel that I have a soft spot for illustration and animation. Which is why my main focus is Motion Design because I feel that those two are the perfect blend for me. Read More>>

Beverly Hu

Since an early age, I have always been drawn to creativity. My mother says I had to be doodling on something, sculpting tiny figurines with Play-Doh or clay, drawing with chalk on the sidewalks, and begging her to buy me an easel and more paint tubes. Seeing the finished art piece was the most wonderful feeling in the world. A creation that once was only in my mind is now brought into this world for all eyes to see. It wasn’t until high school, where I decided I wanted to translate my ideas into clothing– a decision that just felt so right. The thought of individuals actually wearing my designs, my creativity! It’s the same feeling I experienced when I was younger…seeing my art finished on a piece of paper, a concrete sidewalk, or a piece of canvas. Except for this time, my goal is to see my art be brought into the world by the individuals who choose to wear them. Read More>>

Erin Monty

With a background in studio art and art history, I got my start doing graphic design right out of college. I was illustrating and designing beer labels for a local brewery and quickly caught the bug. I began working in marketing and advertising and eventually went back to design school in New York for a couple of years. Read More>>

James Chin

I was the guy in high school that would switch people’s heads around on prom pictures. Always Photoshopping, I created some cool things for projects back then on my family’s Packard Bell Pentium 2 PC, including movie posters and drawing my own comic books. But, my career aspirations followed a more traditional path–that of a future therapist. I majored in Psychology from UC Riverside, got a Masters from CSU Long Beach, and aimed at becoming a counselor for the state of California’s Dept of Rehabilitation. Read More>>

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