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Alyssa Stefek

My Grandfather bought me my first camera in middle school. I photographed anything and everything I possibly could. When my little sister was born, I became obsessed with taking black and white photos of her with my 35mm Canon. I took classes at a local darkroom in Pasadena (which unfortunately closed a few years ago) and learned everything I could about developing film and printing my own photos. Read More>>

Steve Mar

I started off in photography in September 2010. At the time, several friends of mine were participating in Project 365, a photography project where you documents each day of your life, for an entire year, with one photo per day. When I was starting out, I felt that this would be a great way to not only test my discipline but would be a medium in which I could develop my artistic vision. Read More>>

Aaron Green

I was born and raised in Orange County; specifically in Santa Ana. I came from a very working-class, blue-collar home. My brother and I were latch-key kids who rode our skateboards when we weren’t playing video games. At age 11 I started playing guitar (self-taught) and spent the bulk of my teen years writing and playing music. I wanted to be a professional musician and producer but the advent of file sharing, and the proliferation of pop music made me re-think my professional music aspirations. Read More>>

Rafael Najarian

I was first introduced to photography in High School and always loved it, but never thought of it as a profession, but it was always a hobby of mine. Later I went to school at Pasadena City College and took a few art classes for graphic design, and then transferred to Mt.Sierra College to get my BS in Multimedia Design Technologies. Read More>>

Kenny Chu

I got my first camera when I was 15. I purchased my first SLR Camera in my 1st year of College. My images won photo contest and published on National Geographic three times. Nikon also paid and purchased my images display on Photo shows, CES Shows, WPPI and etc….This year at Las Vegas CES Show, Nikon displayed two of my images. Nikon World magazine also published my story in their monthly magazine. I semi-retired my Real Estate Broker business and teach some photo class with a small selected group now. Read More>>

Florian Borgeat


I started photography when I was traveling through Australia at 20. Later on, I did sports photography, mainly ski for some Swiss free riders, then I worked and trained with a photographer who owns its own studio in Switzerland. After moving to Los Angeles, I specialized in portraits and fashion photography. Read More>>

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