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Pasadena 9.5.2017

Amy Salessi

I have had a passion for photography for years, and I photographed my children every chance I could get. In March of 2010, I decided to take my love for photography and grow it into a business, so I could work around our families demanding schedule and be home with our children as much as possible. I now photograph a few hundred families a year, teach beginner workshops, mentor more advanced photographers and have an online class coming out in December. Family photography sessions take up most of my schedule, but I do book high school and college seniors, maternity sessions and Fresh 48 hospital newborn sessions as I can. Read more>>

Megan Delgado

My love for photography began when I was 14. I had recently been put into homeschool for medical reasons. I began using my extra time, and my mother’s camera, to take photographs of my baby cousin while she was at my house. I was so excited when people began telling me how great my photos were and I became even happier when my cousin’s mother thanked me for capturing such special moments. From there I never looked back and continued to practice photography. Learning only through experience and internet research, I’m completely self-taught. Read more>>

Wes Langdon

I’ve been working in creative media for over 10 years, doing things like branding and design and websites with my other business, Firehouse Creative ( A few years back I really refocused on cinematography, shooting music videos and commercials. Earlier this year, I decided to start a second business specifically for wedding videography. I had taken on a couple wedding jobs as favors and I loved it. I live just outside of wine country in Temecula so it made sense to capitalize on all the business that’s already happening there. I get to shoot in beautiful locations, working with people who are already having the best day of their lives, and I get to capture it! The schedule is great too: shoot on Saturday, edit Sunday and Monday, and the client has their video back within 72 hours. Read more>>

Tasha Miner

I began training my own dog when I was 10 years old. My wire-hair fox terrier was like my sister, since I was an only child. Through trial and error, using mostly physical manipulation and praise, I taught her how to sit, stay, down, come, and shake. I’ve since learned better methods, and have decided on positive-reinforcement methods, nicknamed “force-free,” as my personal philosophy in dog training. Back when I still lived in Michigan, I volunteered my training expertise with a greyhound rescue group. I helped newly adopted hounds fit into their new forever homes by calling and giving advice to their new families on issues like house training, separation anxiety, walking well on a leash, and not reacting to children or new dogs. Read more>>

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