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Pasadena 6.19.2017

April Hicks

In my very early years, I worked as a hair stylist in local salons. Great experiences and mentoring opportunities resulted in the eventual ownership of my own salon, Head Trip, which has been going strong for 22 years now. A soft introduction of jewelry and eventually clothing in a dedicated space within the salon were organic additions. Read More>>

Errol Asayas

My interest in photography began in 2013, the year my wife and I decided to vacation to new and exciting places. I was mesmerized by the beauty I encountered on my trips from the sunsets on Maui’s unforgettable beaches to the spiritual red mountains in Sedona. I wanted to capture every moment, every experience that I felt as I admired the wonders of the world. Read More>>

Emily Chang

Piano has always been a part of my life. From when I was still in my mom’s womb in Taiwan, I had been hearing my two sisters’ piano lessons, group classes, and their practices. After I was born, I remember being in one of my sisters’ private lessons, and crawling on the floor between the two legs of the piano bench from one end to the other, imagining I was going through a tunnel! Read More>>

Jacob Atmodjojo

I started my company as wedding and event photography and video. Throughout the years, I came to weddings and events, I looked at how the wedding and event productions (decorations, flowers, lighting, DJ, etc.) there have not been any significant creative changes happenings for the last 10 years, vs. photography and video, there’re huge difference in artistic style. Read More>>

Thomas Teng

I started photography as an assistant for a wedding photographer, and lucky enough my work was seen on social media which lead to my first solo wedding photography case at the time which was about 6 years ago, and eventually I got referred and more cases after that, but I have always been interested in art, architecture and design. I am always amazed by how a space is created and how it relates to its surrounding, which brought me to Real estate/interior/Architectural photography, which I am most focusing on right now. Read More>>

Patrice Veyna & Jessica Van Alderwerelt

Jessica and I met at Pepperdine University and quickly became best friends. We both went on to normal 9 to 5 jobs after college, both got our masters in our field of work, but always felt like something was missing. As friends started getting married they would ask me to do their wedding flowers (they knew I had been taking some classes on the weekends) One wedding Jessica was a bridesmaid with me and I made her help me do the flowers (which was sprung upon us last minute… literally hours before the wedding) Jessica fell in love with floral design as well and that summer we both quit our jobs and made Vavé Studios our full-time business. Read More>>

Elizabeth Holland

Twenty years ago, I worked for a Telecommunications boutique in the L.A.Valley helping in the office, pulling cable, help desk, and etc. I received a lot of experience but I decided at the time, it just wasn’t a fit. After all, I was a young girl trying to find my niche and pulling cable wasn’t my forte. You see, I had dreams and inspirations to become an Entrepreneur and Business Owner; and the only way to do that was with a solid education and experience. Read More>>

Andanette Valderrama and Daniella Carrasco

We saw an opportunity to share some knowledge and product to drought susceptible Southern California. Growing up, we were surrounded by cacti, so this knowledge came naturally to us. We first tested the waters by presenting our cacti at pop-ups and flea markets. Months of packing up after each event, neither the cacti or us were happy. Read More>>

J.T. Centonze

Off Kilter Kilts started as a dinner out with my buddy Jon. I’d just been let go from a ten-year career in textbooks, and the job market wasn’t so hot. I’d realized fairly quickly that if I wanted to avoid returning to retail management, I’d need to go into business for myself. I’d been wearing kilts regularly for about 12 years at this point, and the idea of opening a kilt store had been rolling around in my head. Read More>>

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