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Pasadena 6.12.2017

Gabriel Pelino

The vision for WOD Gear Clothing Company began in 2010 with Gabriel Pelino. Gabriel, the dreamer, mentor, friend, published author and entrepreneur, nurtured his passion for CrossFit. He built his vision of launching an all-encompassing athletic brand, geared toward the Everyday Athlete, with those around him. Read More>>

Micheline Abounassar

I began drawing at age 5 and a half, where I won a first place award contest from the whole school in St. Joseph Antoura, Lebanon. (I drew a picture of a nun carrying a rosary and a church and people following the nun to church to pray. On the other side of the drawing, I drew a picture of kids on Sunday playing ball in a nearby pool. The message here was that we should take care of holy days and each other through prayer and meditation for a better world…). Read More>>

Carrie Davich

I graduated from FIDM in 1984 and was a clothing designer for many years, ultimately owning my own business, LA Express. We did women’s active wear and dresses. I decided to quit working after my 2nd baby was born and the company bought me out. I stayed home for 17 years very happily raising my 3 kids and creating a cozy home for our family.  Read More>>

Amy Peltier

I graduated from college over 15 years ago with a Bachelors in Interior Design. I was born and raised in the mid-west but after I graduated I made the decision to venture out west. Little did I know this would be the first of many moves around the country, but more importantly all of these different living experiences have influenced what my design style and aesthetic is today. Read More>>

John McDonald

In 2002, at the age of 34, John McDonald ditched screenwriting for custom cabinetry. He launched Semihandmade in 2011 using IKEA cabinets as a base for handmade craftsmanship at a competitive price. In six years, Semihandmade has grown to over 50 employees and showrooms in NYC, Brooklyn, Chicago, Palm Springs and Pasadena CA. Read More>>

Parker Howe

I have always had an eye for quality. When I was a little child, my mom, an interior designer at the time, used to drag me around to antique stores and the Pacific Design Center to shop for clients. From an early age, I got to appreciate quality design and antiques. Read More>>

Warren Yip

I started working in the optical / eyewear industry during college and have continued to work since. I first worked for a private optometry for 13 years, and then in 2015 I decided to switch into retail (JINS). One of the things I enjoy the most is helping customers select their glasses. I love how I am their personal stylist and how I’m choosing a pair (or two or three pairs!) they’ll wear for the following year. Read More>>

Teng Chau

When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to focus on Architecture or Engineering. I also really loved being outdoors. I decided to try drafting classes in high school and that taught me a lot about the design process. I devoted my college years to study Landscape Architecture and in my younger years I helped my mom around our garden at home. Read More>>

Trine Dahl Klubien

I am a Danish florist and stylist based in Los Angeles at my flower studio BLOMST LOS ANGELES. The studio is located at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains a little north of downtown LA. I moved from Copenhagen to LA in 2014 and quickly opened my flower studio, working with flowers every day, because it is my passion. Read More>>

Oscar Morales

Oscar started working with leather 16 years ago when a friend needed help in his leather working business. Two years ago, Oscar and Michelle decided to dive off the cliff and open their boutique in Eagle Rock, Ca. Both Oscar and Michelle had spent the majority of their careers in retail fashion and was excited to be their own bosses. Read More>>

Laura Agakanian

I was always passionate about babies. Even while I worked toward my bachelor’s degree in business marketing back in 1991 at CSUN, I took Human Pregnancy Biology classes and became certified as a birth doula. Coupled with that education and a love for babies, I turned my passion into a business designed to advocate breastfeeding, support new mothers, and cater to all motherhood needs. Read More>>

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