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Pasadena 12.04.2017

Harry Lee

Our agency was formed in 2005 with just two employees, and our founding vision was to make it easy for businesses to have impactful websites. Naturally, when the iPhone and other smartphones came to prominence around 2007/2008, that really caught our attention. Read more>>

John Morrison

After a long career as an IT manager and executive, I decided about 6 years ago I wanted to do something completely different that would be more satisfying and would help people. I attended a training on mediation and realized quickly that mediation was what I was looking for. Read more>>

Leslie Lanxinger

My drawings and sculptures are inspired by my personal experiences and adventures, of which I have had my fair share. I have lived in more places than I can count- California (where I now reside), Georgia, New York, Boston, Japan, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Texas making up a short list. Read more>>

Lise Porter and Geno Carvalho

Geno Carvalho of and I have just started a business collaboration. We’ll be co-leading a yoga wellness retreat in March or April of 2018 in Joshua Tree. We’ll be inviting folks from the LA area. We’re very excited about this event! Read more>>

ViKi Keshishian

I was raised in the intercultural environment. Both my parents, who are an Armenian and Ukrainian, come from large traditional close families. Thus, from my early childhood, playing with my cousins and communicating with my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Read more>>

Daniel Jobrack

Several years ago my business partner and I came up with the idea of creating a propriety means to locate and validate information on consumer’s by businesses that either needed to validate application data or track down people who had dishonored contractual obligations for goods and services. Read more>>

Phil Lee

I grew up as a second generation Korean-American kid in Los Angeles, who never thought that he would be a chef of a Southern Comfort restaurant. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles (La Crescenta), I lived in a typical migrant family culture. Read more>>

Shawn Brumfield

I grew up in Altadena and I was educated within the Pasadena Unified School District. Shortly after graduating from college, I began teaching at a middle school (7th and 8th grade) in Pasadena. After entering the teaching profession, education not only became my career, it became my passion. Read more>>

Lindsay Sullivan

I am a psychotherapy (MFT Associate #92849 under the supervision of SC Nameth) located in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. I moved to LA to get my graduate degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute from New York City in 2013, started seeing clients through Southern California Counseling Center in 2014, and opened up practice in my now beloved East Side of Los Angeles in 2016. Read more>>

Taylor Van Horne

All my life, I have admired artists and have socialized with artists. I myself have worked most of my life as an architect. I admire artists because they are not driven by money concerns (although they deal with them.) Artists are driven by a more intriguing passion. Read more>>

Kaytee Fink

Share a Meal Program first began with a single person taking a stand in the Pasadena Community that no one be left without a place to go for the Thanksgiving holiday. In 1995, our dad Steve Fink open the doors of his restaurant, Pasadena Sandwich Company, and welcomed anyone and everyone to celebrate the Holiday with him and his children. Read more>>

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