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Pasadena 10.2.2017

Michael Gier

I grew up in San Diego, CA and at a young age I started performing. I joined SD Jr. Theater, was trained as an actor, singer, and dancer and performed in their musical theater productions. Then later, after starring in theater productions all over San Diego, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my entertainment career; luckily, I was able to make a living at it starring in productions all over the world. Read more>>

Rob and Keiko Feldman

Keiko and Rob met at NBC 4 in Los Angeles where Rob produced the 5pm newscast and Keiko produced the 6pm newscast. In 2002, we left NBC to start Juris Productions, a video production company dedicated to plaintiff’s civil attorneys. The idea was to create professional newsmagazine-style presentations that lawyers could use to present their cases at mediation. Read more>>

Sophie Mihalko

I had it all – the great job, the great marriage, the two kids and the dog and the house. So when a friend sent me a link to listen to a radio interview because it was amazing, I was simply curious. Amazing sounded fun. That radio interview did change my life. It introduced me to the idea that if you change the energy of a situation it will occur differently and you will not know why. Read more>>

Nathalie Tierce

Ten years ago, after a long history of working as an artist and designer in film, television, and the interiors private homes, leading crews in Europe and The States, my son, Joshua was born. Long days spent on scaffolding were going to have to change. Read more>>

Keith Code

While establishing the school (1979/1980) I ran into a very interesting phenomena: no one had any idea why I would take riders to race circuits for training. The attitude at the time was ‘race tracks were for racing’. It was a classic double edged sword: doing track based schools for the masses had not been done so it was new, new, new but no one understood the logic behind it. Read more>>

Nina Narejko

I was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 15. My dad works in real estate management. One day he comes home from work and says “I got you a summer job answering phones for one of our commercial tenants, it is a Pilates studio.” I had no clue what it was. Read more>>

Maria Bernhard

I grew up in theatre and opera rehearsals, both onstage and off, hanging out with my mother who was a director and theatre professor. A very active child, I studied gymnastics and then ballet, dancing with the Eugene Ballet Company in Oregon in high school and then the Inland Pacific Ballet. Read more>>

Emily Huffman

Slo Poke Acupuncture was a discovery process. After attaining a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from SAMRA University in 2010, I knew I wanted to open an acupuncture clinic that could stand apart from the sea of practices that permeated Los Angeles. The ability to offer regular affordable treatments to my patients was paramount. Read more>>

Sophie Hung

I received my Bachelor of Science from UCLA and my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from Loma Linda University. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM. I have a lot of experience working with clients providing one-on-one nutrition and fitness counseling to address different health concerns and promote wellness. Read more>>

Rolando Marin

I started working on the web over 10 years ago as the creator and content writer for a blog that went on to be very successful. It was a site focused on LA freebies. We listed numerous freebies, including concerts, food, movies, clothes, healthcare, and even airplane rides. Read more>>

Jason and Nicole Cozby

The start of NeuroSport Physical Therapy was not a direct path. We have been working in the physical therapy field for many years now, either as physical therapists, consultants, professors, or researchers. This diversity of work experience has allowed us to take a unique approach to understanding our areas of specialty. Read more>>

Garrett Chan

I come from a family who has been in the real estate and related industries my entire life. I grew up around buildings and architecture, and so when I went to college, I studied architectural interior design. After working in that industry for a few years, I decided to give real estate a try and follow in the family business. Read more>>

Zenia Avelenda and Helen Yam

Zenia: I worked as a kennel assistant for my very first job. I have always loved working with animals. I had the opportunity to work up to a veterinary technician and I did that for 8 years. I worked in general practice veterinary medicine and cardiology. As we all know, we all take our animals to the vet when they are sick and my heart couldn’t take it. Read more>>

David Chen

After graduating from college almost 15 years ago, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I went through several years searching for the career path that best suited me. I worked in corporate America, the family business and even taught English in Taiwan. I guess you could say I was relatively successful in each field, but I was not passionate nor interested in any of those jobs. Read more>>

Zach Fajardo and Fan Zhao

Zach Fajardo is an artist and art model who at one time was homeless living at one point in a friend’s old RV, then a car, and at one point even getting rained on in an old tent eating nothing but oatmeal and yogurt. Fan Zhao worked at a trading company warehouse in China and eventually managed to make her way to the U.S. as the only member of her family to immigrate here from China. Read more>>

Frederik Schulin

I grew up in Denmark where I finished my Master Degree. After graduating, I stared up a pharmaceutical trading company build on a unique e-commerce platform and attracted $2 million in venture capital. The company changed the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark because it broke a 500-year-old pharmacy monopoly in Denmark and made parallel import of prescriptive medication possible in Denmark. Read more>>

Bernadette Capulong

BC Design Haus started in 2009 at the cusp of the recession. The industry had always been good to me but the landscape had dramatically shifted then, and it was hard to predict how the economy would alter the course of my dreams to be an entrepreneur and my livelihood forever. Read more>>

Heather Ralph and Christie Anderson

I have always wanted to be my own boss. I went through school, got my business degree and began my search. After stumbling into Point Arts, a printing business that was for sale at the time, I thought it may be a perfect fit. My fiancé had been a freelance graphic designer for many years, so we talked about it and we decided to go for it. Read more>>

Tony Dowdy

Originally from Clarksville, Tennessee, Tony is a 1984 Graduate of Northwestern University where he graduated with honors. In 1989 he relocated to Southern California and since his association with Coldwell Banker in 2002, Tony Dowdy has built a reputation as a creative thinker, innovative marketer and a consummate real estate professional. Read more>>

Nicholas Schwab, Ethan Schultz, and Ethan Tweitmann

The HBHS Photography program is determined to become self-sufficient as it continues to build the most advanced high school photography and digital media design program in the region. In order to do this, students are hired for both school and non-school events. These jobs provide the revenue to purchase new equipment for student use as well as providing valuable job skills and student scholarships. Read more>>

Bert Notch

I have been in business for over 35 years. It’s always been a problem with construction… People finding out that plans drawn up for their project usually end up costing double of what they were told by the Architect. I’ve spent years studying this problem, and finally came up with the solution. Read more>>

Darrell Done

Having achieved membership in Coldwell Banker’s prestigious International President’s Premier, which represents the top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents internationally, Darrell is an outstanding performer with an abundant capacity for pleasing his clients. Read more>>

Celine Elise Alvarez

I was originally trained as a graphic designer and was feeling trapped in my career and wanted to make more of an impact on society. So I decided to begin teaching art to children. One afternoon, I was teaching one of the children and he uncovered a traumatic event and then covered the entire paper with magazine clippings. Read more>>

Margaret Garemore

I am a REALTOR and Certified California Real Estate Mediator. I started as a REALTOR and Broker working in real estate in the San Gabriel Valley, but the need for reliable dispute resolution services in the real estate marketplace lead me to branch out and become a Mediator. Read more>>

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