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Pasadena 06.05.2018

Javier Gonzalez

I started djing during High School, with my collection of Vinyl Records of all genres. At that time thou i was big into the Rockabilly, Punk, Psychobilly scene; so besides buying vinyl albums of hiphop, 80’s new wave etc, i would also buy 33’s and 45’s singles of my favorite 50’s n 60’s artists. At that time also, i would be djing at local gigs and backyard parties. Read more>>

Madeline Tolle

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs. I went to college at the University of Illinois, where I studied Art History. After college, I got a job in Philadelphia in the buying department for Anthropologie. I worked there for 3 years before leaving to start my own jewelry company, Geography 541. I quickly realized that I could differentiate my brand by focusing on unique styling and art direction for my website. Read more>>

Rochele Jones

started Royalty Creations as my company because I was blessed with many talents. My talents are many so I wanted to put them under one category and that was Royalty Creations. The Ro in Royalty is the first two initials of my name. My favorite color is Purple so that’s where I got Royalty. I’m always creating so I chose Creations. I started off making gift baskets & party decor. Read more>>

Edward Cao

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and I have been making art as far back as I can remember. Growing up, I was just that token artist kid in every school class. I was obsessed with art in every form that I could find it in — comic books, Nancy Drew book covers, animated television shows, the medical illustrations in our family’s set of Encyclopedia Americana. Read more>>

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