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Pasadena 05.22.2018

Gary Cassera

3 years ago I had a dog a client wanted to relinquish to me for adoption. My first thought being an entrepreneur my whole life is, how do I get ears and eye balls on this dog. I started to research different sights, platforms, tips, tricks, and large humane organizations online. Read more>>

Chris Tickner

When I was about 12-years-old, my mother starting working as a bookkeeper at The Centre for Traditional Acupuncture in Columbia, MD. I of course had no clue what that meant, but in short order my entire family started getting acupuncture and, as it turned out, from so of the most talented and holistically oriented acupuncturists in the world. Read more>>

Sonal Kapoor

Project Patch began this year. This past December my mom was showing me the social media of a company based in New Delhi, India, Pins&Needles, that sells hand-embroidered items made by underprivileged women. Most of these women are from impoverished backgrounds and may live in slums and/or face domestic violence. Read more>>

Justin Quebral

It started off as a hobby in high school that I got second-hand from my older brother. We have a substantial age gap, so growing up, I naturally looked up to him a lot and just picked up on his interests – photography being one of them. Read more>>

Cherry Bustamante, Kim Tuthill

Both Cherry and Kim started their journey as buyers in the fashion industry; working their way up through different corporations, until crossing paths in 2013.  While sharing a small office, they quickly learned they had much in common. Read more>>

Janet Lai

I received my MBA from UC Irvine with a focus on brand management in 2008. Back then, I really wanted to work for big Corporate American companies because it was every ambiguous girl’s dream. After working on brands like JOICO, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, and Ardell, I decided to venture into a new journey. Read more>>

Kristeen LaBrot

I have been in the event industry for 20 years; this is my 10th year in the wedding industry. My background is in Advertising / Design. Event Planning and Advertising are actually very similar when you break it down. Read more>>

Darla Darling

I originally started out around the age of 8 years old baking wedding cakes with a family member using traditional methods. Around the age of 13 While babysitting younger family members I would teach my younger family members and practice by my baking techniques. Read more>>

April Sakai

In college I majored in Architecture because back in the day, unless you were undeclared, your major was something traditional like doctor, engineer or lawyer. I couldn’t see myself doing any of those things and I didn’t want to figure it out by going in undeclared. Read more>>

Roddy Hernandez

I first got into playing pool in middle school with my uncle Mike, who would take me to a local billiard hall every Sunday. As I spent more time there becoming enamored with the game and watching tournaments held there, I decided to devote myself to improving my skills and partaking in those competitions. Read more>>

Mauricio González

Mauricio is the founder and head instructor of Classic Kickboxing. He has acquired multiple distinguished titles throughout his extensive athletic career, including; two time Colombian National Taekwondo Champion, two time Colombia National Kickboxing Champion, United States National Kickboxing Champion, and Muay Thai Champion. Read more>>

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