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Pasadena 05.15.2018

Heidi Moreno

As most artists, I have been drawing since I was just a kid. I loved drawing. I remember drawing animals for my friends and making crayon drawings for my teachers. I would write stories and illustrate them, staple the papers and make books for show-and-tell. Read more>>

Matt and Jessica Cramer

Founded in 2010, Matt Cramer Photography is a combination of our unique talents and a mutual desire to create a quality of life for our family. When our son was born, Matt was working in media sales and Jess was an executive in the fashion apparel industry. Read more>>

Mark Givens

I grew up in Southern California, in the Pomona Valley, and have deep roots in the Southern California DIY art and music scene. In the ’80s and ’90s I created a few ‘zines, from the satiric bowling pun-filled Bowl Sheet to the meticulously hand-drawn Salmon Bosch, literary magazines featuring a wide variety of artists and writers. Read more>>

David Graham

My name is David Graham and I’m currently a key artist in the entertainment industry. My day to day activity involves designing key art for theatrical/tv posters, but I also have a passion for concept art and 3D art. In a nut shell, I love bringing interesting ideas to life visually. Read more>>

Rebecca Hu

I started my journey with a lot — a lot of passion, a lot of guts, and a whole lot of cluelessness. I like to describe my path to becoming a filmmaker as one where I started by jumping off a cliff — after that leap of faith, you can either sink or you can figure out how to soar. Read more>>

Jered Gold

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and—except for a few detours up-and-down the Pacific Coast—L.A. has always been home. Specifically, I grew up in the Valley and moved around a bit after high school, taking classes at a few community colleges until I landed at San Jose State University. Read more>>

Tod Waters

Junker (est. 2001) started with stuff I dived outta dumpsters, everything is made with grubby little paws.I have mutated, overdyed, rusted, painted, buried or bled on every piece. The clothes are all one of a kind, made from denim, leather, whatever I can find in the dirty streets of Los Angeles. Read more>>

Gerda Govine Ituarte

I am an immigrant and a US citizen born in the Virgin Islands. I lived with my parents and older brother in paradise. My handsome Puerto Rican dad worked for the government as an accountant and British-born beautiful Mom took care of us. Read more>>

Dali Yu

It was Christmas 2002, when my entire concept of soap as I knew it was changed completely. For as long as I could remember, I was using shower gels and body washes like it was the best thing for me, like I was spoiling myself. Little did I know it, I WAS spoiling myself, but not in a good way! Read more>>

Steve Fortunato

The following is an excerpt from an interview with me in the Publication Life and Thyme that asked a similar question: “I started by going down the road of opening LA’s version of Gramercy Tavern: an accessible but warm, upscale bistro. Read more>>

Armineh Hovanesian

I always loved photography growing up however I did not pursue this passion when I should have. Life was happening all around me and I had other crossroads to tackle. I had too many interests at the time and chose a different path in life. Read more>>

Micha Thomas

I moved to Los Angeles over 13 years ago now, knowing the buckets I wanted to check in my work but not the job that would contain them. I studied professional writing and film studies in undergrad and spent my whole life dancing and deeply influenced by music…and psychology. Read more>>

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