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Pasadena 05.01.2018

Ngoc Nguyen Lay

My story has multiple chapters; I am the dreamer and achiever behind a few brands: Skybox Event Productions, Inspired Celebrations Book, My Wish for You Book, & Together Bears Book. It all started with my desire to help others. That, paired with a sketch of a personal business framework, resulted in the birth of Skybox Event Productions. Read more>>

Teanna Ross

I’ve always wanted to work for myself but as a teenager it just wasn’t something that I saw people doing and it wasn’t talked about, back them it definitely wasn’t as popular as it is now. My initial goal was to go to school and get a “Good Job” although I already had a “Good Job” working for the County of Los Angeles. Read more>>

Thomas Reiten

I love God, my wife, the game of golf, and people that do great things in unconventional ways. The “unconventional” has always been my preferred route. My mom put me in piano lessons at an early age. I would come home from piano lessons, throw my sheet music on the floor, put my earbuds in and try to play along with songs on my iPod. Read more>>

Jon Dunn

I actually got a pretty late start, and didn’t completely commit to pursuing a career in comedy until my early 30’s. I had done stand up off and on as far back as about 2007, but didn’t stick with it for one reason or another. Read more>>

Rebecca Valbuena

I began my teaching career in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon returning to the states in 1990, my hometown of Cleveland (although wonderful in many ways) no longer seemed to be a good fit. I quite literally answered an ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer stating “California Teachers Needed”. Read more>>

Kathy Kelehan

I’m someone who’s always been on the hunt for unique jewelry – in fact, when I was living in NYC, I would even commission pieces from local metalsmiths, but it had never occurred to me to learn the craft for myself. Enter a move to Los Angeles and a co-worker urging me to take a beginner’s course at OTIS, and from the day I took my first class I was hooked! Read more>>

Brandy Brooks

I was raised by my white mother who was a single parent dedicated to her life as a soldier in the Army, my black father, also in the military wasn’t in the picture. The little time we my mom and I had together was spent in the evenings. Read more>>

Kirsten Bosio

It started when I was a teenager: finding vintage pieces and DIYing others because there was nothing I liked as an “alternative” kid sold at major retailers. When I had my daughters, I continued the trend of hunting down cool thrift store pieces, painting and spiking them their own tiny punk vests, and even cutting up my own clothing and repurposing it for kids clothing. Read more>>

Gabriel Ervin

My career began after my tour in Aviation Logistics as a United States Marine. I studied with Paul Chek at the CHEK Institute in San Diego, obtained NASM and ISSA certifications, and attended the School of Healing Arts for Neuromuscular therapy. Read more>>

Allen Woolsey

After operating an I.T. business for over 15 years, I decided that I needed to do something more fullfilling with my life. I was currently doing CrossFit at a gym in Downtown Los Angeles and after they closed, I took it upon myself to start my own CrossFit gym. Read more>>

Michael McNamara

I began my career as a real estate photographer a dozen years ago, shooting some of the most amazing properties in Southern California like the estates of Elon Musk, Madonna, and the world-famous Spelling Manor. I set out to be the best. I wanted to be the next Julius Shulman. Read more>>

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