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Pasadena 04.03.2018

Jamie Bechtold

I heard the gong for the first time in a yoga class in the year 2000. I was immediately hooked and wanted more! I was amazed at how quickly the sounds calmed my mind, and how light I felt after the experience. The gong got me going to yoga! I looked for other places to hear the sounds, but could only find the gong at a couple of yoga studios in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Lo Gendale

The Average Lo is my life and style blog that I created in the summer of 2017, so yes it’s still pretty new. It started as a way to express my creativity and style and has quickly become a huge part of my life, but it’s definitely been a journey getting to where I am now. Read more>>

Carmine Sabatella

When you work with me, prepare for a fast pace. At my previous agency-my first after obtaining my license-my manager said that in 20 years in the business, he never experienced a new agent who reached the goals I reached in such a short time. In my first year, I was in the top 1 percent of their 57,000 agents nationwide for sales volume. Read more>>

Koko Tabibzadeh

I am the President of the S. California Chapter of the Foundation For A Drug-Free World which is a non-profit organization and based on volunteers only. It is the largest non-governmental drug education and prevention program in the world. Read more>>

Christy Marderosian

The very first seed planted, that would eventually grow into what The Belle & Beast Organics is today, took place nearly 15 years ago after a terrible reaction to an “organic” lip balm. As a teen, I became frustrated with “all-natural” beauty products in stores laced with hidden fillers, chemicals, artificial colors, sweeteners and drying agents. Read more>>

Marisa Bosquez-White

I grew up in a very small town in South Texas- Robstown, Texas. It is about 20 minutes from Corpus Christi. I always wanted to be an artist of some sort. My Dad studied art and my Mom was very crafty, so I always saw my parents creating- whether that was planting a garden, decorating a room or making clothes. Read more>>

Danny Webber

I always loved music, as a child I got in trouble for singing in class. I couldn’t help it. In high school I started teaching myself the piano, by listening to music on a cd player and trying to play along on my sisters Casio CT-638 keyboard. I continued to learn by ear and in time I got decent. Read more>>

Ryan Cowden

I started teaching in public schools in 2011. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my entire life, and that includes working on dairy farms and reading Kierkegaard. In my first year as a substitute teacher, I used to get together with my friend Matt, another teacher, every Friday to talk about the teaching. Read more>>

Justine Swenson

I grew up playing basketball, softball, volleyball, and gymnastics. I loved the conditioning aspect and knew I wanted to do this long after I was done playing ball. After college, I became a Certified Fitness Trainer through American Council on Exercise and I started training clients right away at a local gym. Read more>>

Juliana Slemenda

I grew up seeing the world through a creative lens. My parents are both artistic in different ways and raised me to find beauty in the world and to follow my heart – my heart led me from small town Oregon to Los Angeles, where I eventually came to run social media and marketing for a small restaurant group in Pasadena. Read more>>

Hang Nguyen, Terrenz Vong

Like a lot of people, I was doing the traditional 9 to 5 for years before I sought courage to scratch that entrepreneurial itch. For over 6 years I was managing corporate finances, where I enjoyed crunching numbers, analyzing unique business models, and slaying data in Excel. Read more>>

Macelle Skivington

According to the culture I was born in, my mother was cursed. Having given birth to 3 girls, the constantly annoying comment she would hear was “Wow, 3 girls?! No boys? Poor you.” No wonder I was a tomboy growing up, choosing a skateboard over a barbie doll. I had more fun helping my dad re-tile the roof the morning after prom than prom itself. Read more>>

Brett Veltman

Over twenty years ago, I had the dream of becoming a psychologist to be able to help teenagers and families. I had been working with an organization that worked with teenagers called Young Life where I found that many of the teenagers and their families didn’t know how to deal with the struggles they were facing and I wanted to help. Read more>>

Antoinette Raines

I am a brown skin lady, who was often teased about being dark skinned, and called names growing up. I didn’t really like being my color because of it. As I got older, I realized just how fortunate I am to have a “Built in” tan – as I call it, and learned all about Melanin in Science class. Read more>>

Jennifer Gunn

I had always wanted to open a venue for creative kids to have alternative space to sing, dance, entertain and BE entertained! We started off as a open play space, but our events quickly became the most requested and took over and off from there. We host events for all ages. Read more>>

Veronika T. Sorrow

Ahoy! So in 2001, I opened up an eBay store called “MEOWMEOWZ!” but always dreamed of opening a brick & mortar shop, since all the cool punk/goth thrift shops I grew up with in the 80s were quickly dying out. So, 8 years later, I made it a reality in beautiful Pasadena, California. Read more>>

Mariya Stangl

I had a completely different idea with what I wanted to do with my life when I graduated high school and undergraduate college. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and after 5 years fighting against our healthcare system and working in nonprofits, I decided it was no longer ethical for me to practice in that environment and decided to go back to school for my Master’s degree. Read more>>

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