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Pasadena 03.27.2018

Janna Conner

A native of Los Angeles, Janna Conner designs simple yet elegant jewelry inspired by the vivid colors and multicultural richness of the Californian landscape. She holds a degree in Chinese history from UCLA, where she balanced her intellectual interests with her passion for art and design. Janna has honed her philosophy and aesthetic through her extensive world travels. Read more>>

Fred Raimondi

I was that kid that my parents had no idea what to do with. To them, an artist was a guy that painted a picture. All I wanted to do was take pictures and play guitar. As soon as I could, I got my hands on my dad’s 8mm camera (not even super 8) and made as many films as I could afford to. Read more>>

Todd Hughes, Liz Hesik Hughes

Todd Hughes grew up in Pasadena learning the estate business from his father, Larry Hughes, an antique dealer who helped establish Pasadena, CA as a hotbed for California plein air painting and studio pottery. From 1997-2001, Todd ran a retail store specializing in unique ephemera, mid-century modern design and contemporary art. Read more>>

Melissa Foulks

I was born in raised in New Jersey! Growing up I surrounded myself with music – from purchasing CDs to play on my walkman, to owning the FIRST iPod, and staying out late on school nights to catch a concert. There’s no musicians in my family, but what I can tell you is my parents are HUGE music lovers too. Read more>>

Dee Martinez

I started my journey while attending college as a mean to help bring in extra income. I had a conversation with my Dad who is a computer engineer and he helped me design a build my first booth. Immediately, I started to book events and never looked back. Through word of mouth and making personal contacts with event coordinators, I now have 3 photo booths that can be staged to blend in with any event. Read more>>

John Solomon

I started on the wholesale side of the business working for Southern Wine & Spirits as a sales person/sales manager for 10 years. The entrepreneurial bug motivated me to look for a retail location to purchase. I decided to buy Liquorama in 1998 based on it fitting into what I needed to build out my business plan. Read more>>

Christiana Cunanan

It was common (throughout my life) to hear adults comment with surprise when I express how much I love, respect, and consider my family’s needs and opinions. At one Christmas Eve, (I was 7) I remember pestering Santa for a Rolex watch and a pearl necklace so I can have something special to give my parents. Read more>>

Coutney Thomas

I spent many childhood Sundays at auction houses and home good’s stores. My mom is an interior designer. I didn’t realize how infectious the design disease was until I started to drive roommates, boyfriends and family mad by re-arranging the furniture in every room I entered. Read more>>

Sarah Miggins

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in nature surrounding my hometown of Cleveland; riding my big wheel around the block, hosting birthday parties on sledding hills and leading friends and family on nature walks in one of the greatest park systems in the nation, Cleveland MetroParks also known as the “emerald necklace”. Read more>>

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