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Pasadena 03.20.2018

Justin Cole

I always had a natural interest in photography. I received a camera as a wedding gift and submerged myself into learning it inside and out. I began by photographing our travels – I’m an enthusiastic traveler with over 12 countries and 18 states under my belt, with more to come – and more recently have been fortunate enough to work on movie sets as a production photographer which has expanded my portfolio. Read more>>

Natalie Avalos

I started my little business Threeologie about 4 years ago when I had just returned from a 5 month backpacking trip in South East Asia. I had this realization that I loved lettering and calligraphy but I just didn’t know how I could turn this into a business. Read more>>

Andrea-Marie Stark

Theatre, Writing, Visual Art, Tarot, Intuition, Sacred Feminine, Energy Work, Reiki, Mystic Shamanism, Bon Buddhism Somatic Psychotherapy!~ This is a one-wordish driven timeline demonstrating two issues: the art of being succinct, and, how I landed where I am in this very moment! Read more>>

David Hicok

I started in financial services in 2000 with a Fortune 500 Company that was interested in entering the financial planning marketplace after a very long history of selling financial products. The timing was good both for me and the company as clients were beginning to demand objective financial advice rather than products. Read more>>

Laurie Gray

My story starts as a little girl who loved to bake with her mama. Growing up on a ranch in Spanaway WA we always had lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to turn into pies. My mom taught me how to make and roll a perfect pie crust. Read more>>

Michael Watkins

I’ve always loved art graphic design and I picked up photography shortly after graduating high school and absolutely fell in love with it and was so excited it was so much more than Just snapping a picture. The thing that really amaze me was how much freedom you have with photography and how artistic you can be with. Read more>>

Carrie Hansen

Around 2005, while working as a textile designer in the apparel industry in LA, I began painting pet portraits for friends as a way to to celebrate special days, honor beloved pets that had passed away, and also to do something with my artistic skills that was purely for love. Read more>>

Krista Sutton

My story even surprised me! I have been an actress/singer and (sometimes) film and song writer for years. Ok, decades. I graduated from the University of Toronto’s renowned UC Drama Program where I got to study with some of the most visionary artists on stage and off. Read more>>

Mike Elizalde

When I was 5 years old, my stepdad showed me a film that would deeply impact me for the rest of my life. It was James Wale’s 1931 masterpiece, “Frankenstein”. The monster, played by Boris Karloff indelibly burned itself into my mind forever. I was fascinated by the appearance of Frankenstein’s creation. Read more>>

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

I’m a social worker by education, and when I was in grad school, I realized where I wanted to spend my energy trying to improve people’s lives. While my classmates focused on important issues like addressing the damaging effects of poverty, helping addicts, and fighting prejudice, I became convinced that I wanted to contribute by teaching and supporting parents to care for their kids more effectively. Read more>>

Alexander Ekimov

I fell into plumbing and construction by accident. But to back track, I arrived in the US from St. Petersburg, Russia in 2006 as a student and assistant professor at USC majoring in Physics. I had $800 to my name and knew that the reason I came to the US was for opportunities that lacked in the country where I grew up. Read more>>

Spencer Doty

I come from a family of medicine and entrepreneurship, so it was rather natural that I’ve ended up where I am now, as CEO and Medical Director of Active Life. Both of my grandfathers were physicians who practiced in the Glendale, CA area for many years, and both of my parents are Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists (CPO’s) who owned their own patient care facilities in the past. Read more>>

Katrina Centeno-Nguyen

To be completely honest, I never thought that my everyday handwriting would set me on the path where I am today. I was in culinary school at the time, with dreams of being a chef, when a friend saw me writing a grocery list one day and asked me to address her wedding envelopes. Read more>>

Marie Petulla

At 18, I started waiting tables at the infamous Moody’s Pub on the North Side of Chicago. I worked my way up to bartend in some of the most recognizable and influential bars in Chicago. In 2001 I started working with two dynamic chefs, Dana Hechtman and Nicole Parthemore at She She in Chicago which opened up my world to sustainability – hospitality- and community. Read more>>

Nina Salluzzo

I started doing makeup in middle school and I only discovered in my let year of high school that it was a passion of mine. I love making people feel beautiful, it’s very rewarding. I am still growing and so of course that Comes with success’s and fails. Read more>>

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