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Pasadena 03.06.2018

Patricia Huang, Albert Chu

We were both teammates at the 626 Night Market team right since the second event. We individually saw the big potential of the event and jumped right in- that’s how we met. Albert is the engineer and managed & built special projects at each event, while Patricia managed vendors and built the live marketplace management part of the team. Read more>>

Llewellyn Cox

Lab Launch was originally born in 2014, when a group of young scientists and entrepreneurs began meeting to address the challenges that startups in biosciences were facing in the LA area – causing many of the groundbreaking technologies developed at UCLA, USC, Caltech, et al, to leave the area and form companies in other areas, primarily San Francisco and Boston. Read more>>

Diego Aguilar

It was easy to fall in love with stories early in life growing up with classic films like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and Rocky just to name a few. And I’ve realized that after all these years, these films are still popular mainly because of their stories of people who triumph over adversity. Read more>>

Rogelio Bernal Andreo

On September 2007 I was driving the Pacific Coast Highway south of Big Sur in California with the family, when my wife opened the moonroof of the car, looked up and screamed “You have to pull over, you have to see this!” referring to the starry sky that was above us, me unaware, due to being “blinded” by the car lights. Read more>>

Smita Malhotra

I grew up in India, the Middle East, Canada and Texas where I got to meet people from all walks of life. Listening to other people’s stories helped me to understand the common thread of humanity that binds us. It is how I came upon my first passion of being a storyteller through writing. Read more>>

Dr. Amy Keller

I always wanted to help people as a kid. I certainly started off analyzing dreams of the kids who rode carpool with me or playing mediator when the siblings were fighting. 😉 I remember this time around 13 years old when my parents were fighting and I was playing mediator for them shortly before their divorce. Read more>>

Beth Teran

I’ve been a Physical Therapist for 18 years with an emphasis in Health & Wellness. I have 3 kids who are active in sports. I want to be strong and healthy so I can hike Yosemite, surf Hawaii, Paddleboard Dana Point, run Mt Wilson, and play volleyball in Manhattan Beach. Read more>>

Loretta Chen

I have been taking food pictures ever since I got my first point and shoot camera in high school. I have been contributing reviews and photos as a Yelp elite member for over 8 years and have been posting food pictures on Instagram for over 5 years. Read more>>

Carolann Fernandes

I am an author, researcher, life-coach, speaker, activist and philanthropist.
I am passionate about inspiring people to unleash their greater potential and actualize their life’s true-calling. I believe that everyone has one – bar none. Read more>>

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