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Orange County_12.2.16

Jeff Levine

As a kid, I always liked computers, in my early teens I combined my love of hardcore music, skating, and computers and started learning how to design. Started freelancing while I was still in high school, was going to attend the art institute in Florida but at the last minute, I decided not to go and instead took an internship in NYC. Worked my way up from intern to art director going through a few studios and agencies and eventually went on and freelanced under Fake-Up. Read More>>

Trevor Wernisch

Ever since high school, I had been interested in some facet of visual design. It started with web design, and evolved into print media and photography; shooting and designing globally pushed magazine ads. From there, as a hobby and soon to be profession it was vehicle entertainment touchscreen and dashboards. Strange jump right? Eventually, I made my way from Florida to California to work in the video game industry. I figured, hey, I already spend a good chunk of my time playing video games, why not start designing them? Most recently I was given the opportunity to work abroad in the United Kingdom, where I still work in the video game industry. Read More>>

Erin Vaughan

In May of 2012, I graduated with my BFA in studio arts from college. I had focused much of my time as an art student in drawing/painting, design and illustration classes. I was surrounded by a few professors that really instilled in me good work habits in the studio and belief in me to pursue illustration as a career. Right after I graduated I went full time as a freelance illustrator and Etsy shop owner. I just decided I’d rather just give it a go and see what happens, then spend my time doing something I wasn’t passionate about. Read More>>

Petre Spassov

I am a Bulgarian-born graphic designer working in Orange County, California.

My name Peter, spelled Petre, due to a mishap at immigration services that unfortunately stuck. Read More>>

Jared Freitag

Animation has always been a dream of mine but it didn’t come without a struggle. After I graduated college, my expectation was that I would find work in the wonderful world of animation. After all, I did just spend a small fortune on an education, that should give me a foot in the door, right? I was wrong. The next few years were spent applying to various animation studios, some big, some small but all had the same response, and that was no response. Read More>>

Leighton Hubbell

I am the guy behind the one-person design shop,, and Hubbell Design Works. I started out many moons ago working in several capacities in the communication arts industry including employment and project work at various design firms, ad agencies, and promotional branding agencies. I am most widely recognized for my logo design, even though I offer a complete range of other design services. Read More>>

Matthew Assell

While growing up in the midwest, I got into riding BMX through copying my older brother. This introduced me to all of the media tied in with the sport. After quickly finding out that I wasn’t going to turn pro anytime soon for my riding ability, I started to slowly fall in love with the attitude and visuals that came from the community. Read More>>


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