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Orange County 12.18.2017

Katie Hectus

I was born and raised here in Long Beach. After high school, I made a really sad attempt at a couple of local community colleges before I decided to drop out and work full-time. I got a job at an amazing law firm in downtown Long Beach where they taught me how to be an adult. Read more>>

Teresa Nguyen

I became interested in language development due to my firsthand experiences as a child immigrant from Vietnam, an ESL student, and then as an English instructor in three different countries. These experiences have given me an understanding of how lives can be transformed through learning English. Read more>>

Drew Morcos

I have been involved in sports for my entire life. I had dreams like many others that I too would one day compete at the highest level of sports. I quickly woke up from that fantasy and realized that if wanted to be involved in highest level of sports, I would have to do it in other ways and maybe that meant being the medical provider for the teams. Read more>>

Jenna Main

I began my love for baking as a young child. Many memories I have from growing up are in the kitchen with my father baking cookies and cakes. I was always so fascinated by all his kitchen gadgets and I wanted to know how all of them worked. Read more>>

Hung Pham, Steve Tran, Tony Dao, Andros and Long John Nguyen

A few years ago, we experienced our first escape room in LA, not knowing exactly what it was or whether we would enjoy it or not. Needless to say, time went on and we all developed a passion for escape games as we continued to do as many as we could. Read more>>

Ross Weitzberg

I didn’t really know anything about the trade show industry before I started in it. I had gone to the LA Auto show and a show or two before but never really paid attention to the booths. In 2006 I met a graphic/industrial designer who also did exhibit design. Read more>>

Dan and Tiffany Williams

Dan drove a fuel truck in the Marines and when he got out in 2001 he knew he wanted to be in a field that incorporates driving. He became a tow operator where he met his wife Tiffany, working for her parents. Both being involved in towing and hating to load motorcycles on flat bed tow trucks the ideas started to fly. Read more>>

Pejmon Noori

My brother Bijan and I started Proper’s Pickle in 2014 but our pickling journey started decades ago. We started making pickles when we were kids. Our dad always was always making varieties of different pickled veggies with tons of different flavors so we always wanted to help out with pickling process as well as the eating process. Read more>>

Andi Goud

I have always been an artist. I decided to become a professional artist when rent needed to be paid and I was tired of getting fired from my other temporary lines of work. I realized early that I needed to work for myself. Read more>>

Afreen Mirza

I started with the love of Arabic Calligraphy, it always fascinated me as an art form. I started searching and found artisans who were employing this art to create bespoke pieces of jewelry. I had some custom pieces made for myself, and after receiving compliments, i felt like i wanted to share this beautiful art with people. Read more>>

Chris Camre

To give a brief history on the company, Lavey Craft Boats has been in business since 1952 and was founded by Alex Lavey, hence the name Lavey Craft. Ever since my younger teenage working age, I spent most of those years working at various boat shops learning everything I could in every aspect of boat building. Read more>>

Kevin Krusiewicz

My Dad grew up in post-war Communist Poland, came to the US with a few dollars in his pocket, worked really hard, built two companies, and retired a millionaire. Blessed with relative wealth, I took for granted all the privileges my brothers and I enjoyed while growing up in Orange County. Read more>>

Roxanne Morgan

Roxanne Morgan began her creative career path in 2002, attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). She earned her Associates Degree in 2004, then continued onto earn her Bachelors of Science Degree in 2009 from the Art Institute of California. Read more>>

Camila Terra

I grew up as a fashion-loving girl. I was the kind of girl who would make her own costumes for Halloween and other big events – my friends and family thought I was nuts!But although I was in love with fashion, I didn’t take my passion seriously for many years. Read more>>

Otillo Erojo, Joyce Erojo

I started Recruiting and Staffing for Yum Brands when I was a Restaurant Manager in 1988. I found myself really interested in making sure we hired the most passionate and happiest people I could. It’s was at that stage I realized that passion and ability were much more important than experience. Read more>>

Christina Hall

I have always enjoyed volunteer work, especially the work I have done focused on social justice issues. When my daughter started a school garden and began volunteering at a local community garden, I joined her and learned so much about food insecurity and nutritional vulnerabilities that I decided I wanted to make it my life’s work. Read more>>

Steve Kim

Through my wife’s passion we started Heaven and Earth Collection, currently I am doing the majority of the day to day and my wife is just the face of the company because of injuries. Until she gets better I am leading the company, but my wife and my story goes like this. Read more>>

Berenika Schmitz

I started singing Stevie Wonder for my family when I was 2 years old to entertain my family. I had heard it on the radio, and I guess my love of the arts and music started then. My parents put me in piano lessons at age 3 because I had older sisters who played and I wanted to be like them. Read more>>

Lynn Marran

As an eye care specialist, a clinical scientist, an educator and a mother, Dr. Marran O.D. Ph.D., has opened a new practice in Yorba Linda to share her expertise and passion for preventative and therapeutic vision care.Dr. Marran earned her Optometry degree in 1999 from UC Berkeley after completing her Ph.D., also at UCB, specializing in how the eye focuses and in how we can prevent children from becoming nearsighted. Read more>>

Landon Asbury, Dennis Asbury

Dennis Asbury has been a broker in So Cal since 1974. Working his way through managing Coldwell Banker branches in the 80s, and Prudential CA Realty in the 90s, he realized, starting his own brokerage was the way to go. Read more>>

Patrick J. Murphy

Patrick J. Murphy’s dimensional fine art is a unique combination of digital photography, sculpted paper, acrylics and pastels that result in eye-popping, three-dimensional impressionist pieces. His healing art work has the flavor of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting infused with Murphy’s childlike sense of discovery and playfulness. Read more>>

Jan Kingaard, Amber Hughes

Mother-daughter entrepreneurs Jan Kingaard and Amber Hughes have expanded their 16 -year-old business from cars to causes. The core mission of their Costa Mesa studio is to help individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions honor, recognize and commemorate the people and occasions that are important to them. Read more>>


We are the largest commercial refrigeration manufacturer in China. In the year of 2012, I was sent over to establish the American market. We had a humble beginning with only 3 Employees and a 9,000 Sqft building. Read more>>

Allyson Lehrich, LCSW, President

I knew from an early age that I wanted to have a career in the helping profession. I volunteered in a hospital, which started my passion. After high school graduation, I began to take all my prerequisites for nursing and two years later was accepted into nursing school. Read more>>

Neil Gupta

After receiving my masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, I worked for a variety of small aerospace startups for nearly 10 years. I then spent two years in a Science/Policy fellowship with the Defense Department in Washington DC and developed a broader understanding of the way policy gets made and the role of manufacturing and innovation in the US economy. Read more>>

Jennifer Ferguson

A self-taught artist and entrepreneur, Jennifer Ferguson has been designing, teaching and educating in the decorative arts industry for the past 28 years. Since 1989, she has been the owner and creative mind behind Artistic Painting Studio in Huntington Beach, California. Read more>>

Shea Knowles

I’m a small town girl that moved to the big city. While it’s great to come from a small town, I felt repressed and found it hard to break out of my shell . I have always been a highly sensitive girl and the only time I felt really alive was in mountains near my home. I have always had a love for nature. Read more>>

Ashley Howard

I’ve always had a special connection with animals, but I started to work in the pet industry in 2011. For 4 years I worked at a free run dog grooming spa, which also had dog day care and pet boarding. I got really close with many clients and their dogs and decided to venture out on my own when I turned 30. Read more>>

Anne Lajoie

My journey to the floral industry came a bit unconventionally. This became a second career for me after spending 20+ years in real estate accounting. I was going through a divorce in the late 1990’s when a friend bought a small floral shop. Read more>>

Jenna Ramirez

We have been in the business for many years as a family owned company. Given our strong multi-year relationships with some of the best factories worldwide we are able to produce top quality merchandise at exceptionally fair price points.  Read more>>

Stuart Trautenberg

S.A. Traut Associates is an unparalleled and pedigreed technical and C level talent acquisition firm that specializes in recruiting and hiring “passive” Super-Engaged (top 1%) talent. S.A. Traut coined the phrase…Super-Engaged. Read more>>

Will Reardon

My turfgrass voyage began over 20 years ago when I was following behind my father with my Fisher Price lawn mower and using Matchbox cars to stripe our green carpets in the dining room with checker-board patterns just like MLB stadiums. Read more>>

Olivier de Vaulx

Born in South of France, I became a full-time journalist and photographer, writing about motocross, enduro, and MTB in many French magazines. During vacations in the USA in 2012, the whole family felt in love with the American life style. California being the heart of action sports, we decided to move to Huntington Beach in 2014. Read more>>

Jeff Hoffman

My family was very involved in the local community. Long Beach is in my blood, I am a fourth generation resident, went to the same high school as my dad, and live close to where I grew up. Civic engagement is part of my DNA and this sense of community followed me in my career at Disney. Read more>>

Jeannette Painovich, Patti Huber

Patti had reached out to me to discuss our individual practices and philosophies about well-being, We quickly realized that we had a lot in common, including being adoptive parents in a transracial household. Over the next months and several more meetings, we decided to open the Center for Integrative Health and Healing. Read more>>

Jamie Cegelski-Gaebe

I began my company in 2011 when volunteering at the inaugural Napa Valley Film Festival. My family had been involved with wineries and wine had been a passion of my recently deceased father. I had gotten my MBA with the intention of starting up a new company with my dad but in the midst of my MBA he wound up with lyphompha of the brain and ended up passing away in 2010. Read more>>

Alexandra Chebil

I opened my practice in Orange County in 1997 with a special interest in Laser Vision Correction and facial aesthetics. My grandfather was an ophthalmologist who worked with the Veteran’s Hospital in Los Angeles and was my inspiration for entering this field. Read more>>

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