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Orange County 05.22.2018

Courtney Westin

After graduating from the University of Miami with my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I returned to Southern Maryland, where I grew up. I had really enjoyed working on a research study during graduate school, and I was lucky enough to continue in that field, beginning my professional career as a research coordinator at a treatment center in Baltimore. Read more>>

Stacy Moffatt

As a child I was obsessed with illustrated books and my affinity for them grew as I got older. At the same time, I had a knack for drawing (well, mostly coloring). Between the knack, and the obsession, my passion became my guiding compass into adulthood. Read more>>

Leo Velasquez

We originally started as a clothing company. And to be honest it was going pretty good at first. We had different ideas and we were ahead of the curve. but do to some personal issues i had to take time off from trying to grow the company. It lost its momentum and i sorta gave up, but in my head i was just taking a break to get the vision right. Read more>>

Sonali Satsangi

I was born and raised in India. I did my undergrad in computer science, which opened my technical mind, but it wasn’t enough. I felt like something was missing, and I needed to hone my artistic side. I moved to Georgia, studied at Savannah College of Art & Design, and got my Masters in Fine Arts. Read more>>

Kali Passiglia

Back in 2007 a friend sent me a blog called Closet Therapy. I didn’t really know what a blog was at the time, but I was instantly hooked by this cool new way of sharing personal style. From there I started to discover other bloggers – Rumi Neely, Emily Schuman – and was fascinated by the real world conversations they were having about fashion. Read more>>

Kate Hancock

I grew up in a small island with the dream of coming to the US and starting a business, essentially the American Dream. After a few years of being here and working 3+ jobs I became a national sales manager for a medical skin care company. Read more>>

Samuel Padilla

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of machinery and what makes our everyday mechanical items tick. As a child, I would even disassemble lawn mowers and radios just to see and touch their inner workings, really seeing the intricate art in our everyday items. Read more>>

Paul Little

Get Shamrocked Irish Music Festival was founded in 2013 and 2018 will be the sixth festival in a row to be held at Town Square Park, Murrieta. This fantastic venue provides the perfect setting with free parking and a flat, grassed area with huge stage and natural amphitheater. Read more>>

Celine Esquivel

San Dimas Cake Co. was inspired and developed by Celine and her high school aged daughter. While Celine has a talent for design and artistry, her daughter has a hand for baking. “Baking is what we do best! At first, baking was a hobby and a time for bonding. Read more>>

Carol Soloway

Dr. Carol Soloway, a chiropractor and Qualified Medical Evaluator, is the author of the Amazon number 1 best-selling novel, SEX HAPPENS. She has gone from ruin to riches, both professionally and personally. Read more>>

Farron Feiner

I happened upon weaving in college when shifting my focus from from fashion to textile design. I was interested in designing and hand printing textiles. I took a weaving class and I fell in love with the process. When I’m weaving it’s my form of meditation and I feel so connected to each piece. Read more>>

Kasey Blue Hodge

My love for kids clothing started shortly after I became a wardrobe stylist in my early 20’s. I worked for a lot of kids clothing brands and did countless advertising shoots that always ranged in talent from young to old. Read more>>

Mary Mcdonald

I came to pottery late in  life. About 8 years ago I took a couple of classes at a local community college and was hooked immediately. After that, I utilized a public studio to work in, practice and learn as much as I could. Read more>>

Marita Taylor

I always felt that I lived in a different century and wore royal clothes and magnificent headpieces. My high school nickname was “Queen Margo”. The combination of structures, materials and colors always fascinated me, and I started my architectural career after acquiring a Masters Degree from University of St. Petersburg. Read more>>

Craig Ahrens

A friend of mine, the actor Lewis Smith, one day at the gym invited me to his Actor’s Academy back in 2012. I was planning on just watching actors do their thing, I was never planning on becoming an actor, let alone a filmmaker. Long story short, he asked me to commit to acting for 90 days. Read more>>

Thomas Hurst

When I started golfing six years ​ago,​​I ​​would​ ​come​​ home​​ from​ a​ ​​long​ ​day​​ in​​ the​​ sun​ ​and ​noticed ​redness ​around​ my​​ neck.​The​ ​sun​​ damage​​ was noticeable an nd​​ concerning.​.​​My​​ inspiration​ was​​ part ​health​ and​ part​ ​vanity.​​ Read more>>

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