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Orange County 05.15.2018

Deanna Garcia

As a kid my mom would take me to the mall and we’d always stop for coffee, sit and just people watch. As I watched people moving, interacting and connecting with one another, I developed an eye for anticipating moments. Read more>>

Kendra Giraldi

Common Rituals really sprouted from a love of makeup as a teenager. I have been in the beauty industry for 19 years, and it all started with a love of glamour liner. Makeup had been just hobby, I was clueless it could be a career, until I landed in Los Angeles in 2007, I attended a makeup up school to learn special FX and I eventually ended up teaching there. Read more>>

Jamie Stark

I’ve been working as a designer and creative director for more than 20 years. I started in NYC in the flatiron district working for small studios that did entertainment and book design. I was mentored by guys like Larry Lurin, who designed movie posters for Raging Bull, Platoon and tons of other famous films.  Read more>>

Yiqun Zhou

I was attracted by the cultural diversity and spiritual freedom of U.S. When the opportunity came, I moved to U.S from Beijing in 2009 as a postdoc fellow. 2011 I met my husband who is loving, fearless and inspiring, which changes my perspective for life. Read more>>

Camille Attell

My husband Bryce and I worked in traditional corporate jobs our whole life. A series of housing and health challenges caused us to re-evaluate if the life we were living was making us happy. We lived in a nice neighborhood in Orange County, CA, worked for a nice company, and minus the health stuff, had little to complain about. Read more>>

Ami Bhansali

Chai Diaries is a lifestyle brand retailing specialty organic and conventional teas. Inspired by the founder’s tea enriched household (three generations of history in growing and manufacturing tea in the beautiful Nilgiris, India), the brand is all about REAL TEA, REAL HERBS, REAL SPICES! Read more>>

Dave Welch

My first job was in retail, I worked for a department store called Bullocks as a retail manager where I was promoted through a variety of different departments. After a few years there I decided to try something new and answered to an ad for a local custom clothing company. Read more>>

Ashley Bradley

I was that person who really wanted to find their passion and purpose in life from a young age, but I had a really hard time figuring it out. I always thought it was funny that people tell you to do what you’re passionate about, but it is so much harder than it seems! Read more>>

Justin Lin

In 2008, my business partners and I fell in love with photography. Initially, we were drawn to weddings because of the emotion, the excitement, the opportunity to showcase relationships, and everything else that came with these beautiful moments. Read more>>

Yen Tran

My husband, Ky, had always been a hobbyist photographer for the past ten years. He got us both matching cameras so that we could go shooting together, because we went on tons of adventures and we wanted to document it all. Read more>>

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