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Orange County 05.01.2018

Gina Ludwig

I have always had a love for beauty and fashion and in my early twenties after floundering in school and various jobs, I finally decided to go to beauty school. I absolutely loved it but soon realized after beginning to work in a salon that my real passion was for styling hair, I wasn’t a fan of cutting, coloring, etc. Read more>>

Nicoletta Daskalakis

I first started off in the bridal industry as a makeup artist and hair stylist turned photographer. I would meet thousands of brides and be a part of their special day and it was from here that the concept for Brides and Hairpins was born. Read more>>

Kayla Illies

The start of my journey as a photographer was, all honestly, completely random! My parents asked me one day what I wanted to go to college for and I had to give them an answer. I knew I wanted to have a creative based career and a local college, not-too-far from home, offered a Professional Photography course. Read more>>

Dave Mugavero

It’s really amazing for me to reflect back on my life to see how I actually got to help so many people and be in a profession that I am so passionate about. As I tell my clients, “Everybody who comes to me has their own unique story about why they want to improve their lives through fitness”. Read more>>

AG Kawamura, Ann Cutner Firestone

The challenges for relatively new non-profits like SFUA is always related to getting the story out about what we do and the positive impacts we have in our community. The opportunity to tell our story to a wider audience can bring significant new support, funding and collaboration. Read more>>

Truman Severson

Hopper & Burr started as a little pop-up coffee bar inside the now-closed bar and restaurant Little Sparrow. We open there in February 2015 and served coffee and got to know all our regulars there while we built out our brink and mortar space. We closed the pop-up in October 2016 and moved over to our new, permanent home a few weeks later, We’ve been slinging drinks there ever since. Read more>>

Valentina Abdullina

When I moved to Orange County I was in search for classical pilates/Romanas Pilates studio to work at. I was very fortunate to find Tiziana Trovati at Trovati Pilates works. About few years ago Tiziana moved to Costa Rica and I took over the studio. And Authentic Pilates OC was founded and been in Tustin for the last 1,5 years. Read more>>

Olivia Lin

Atiliay’s story started at a place where I spent a lot of my time–in my car, stuck in traffic! I was on my way home from a freelance job (my background is in fashion design), and I had just started sponsoring a preschool in South Africa through Food4Africa, a non-profit I met in 2007 on a TOMS Shoe Drop. Read more>>

Peter Deeble

I’ve always loved building things, even as a little kid. My friends and I used to build skate ramps and I took on various other projects with my dad and always had a fascination with tools and creating useful objects from raw materials. Read more>>

Shawn Wehan

I grew up in a household with parents that loved to discuss social justice issues and the challenges facing our nation. Our dinner table conversations involved references to John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Pope John XXIII; men who advocated for change and justice for all. Read more>>

Hussein Bayz

One of the earliest entrepreneurial moments I had as a young child was cutting the grass for one of my neighbors as he gave me $25. As a 9 year old, that was a lot of money! Fast forward to the day after High School graduation, my family and I relocated from Michigan to beautiful Southern California. Read more>>

Ulices Del Toro, Maria Del Toro

My wife Maria and I started shooting weddings together almost 5 years ago. She was my girlfriend at the time, and I was in need of a second photographer for some upcoming weddings, and she had expressed her curiosity to photograph, even though she had not had any formal photography training prior to dating me. We decided to give it a go. Read more>>

Mark Reid

I grew up in Ireland playing junior golf tournaments and just like most kids had aspirations to one become a PGA Tour player. I became quite a good player, top 50. Everyone thinks they are way better than they are and thankfully I noticed that some of my fellow competitors were just that next level ahead of me, I was correct. Read more>>

Naomi Alon

After graduating with degrees in both studio art and interior design, I started working at a design firm that specialized in nurseries and children’s rooms. I immediately fell in love and became passionate about creating spaces for this very special niche of “little” clients. Read more>>

Philip Yaeger

I first got involved as a volunteer with AIDS Services Foundation Orange County, which was our organization’s name for its first 32 years. In 1993, a family friend had suddenly passed away from a lung infection that I realized was caused by AIDS. Read more>>

Evan Kinard

I went to my first music Festival in August of 2014 at the age of 26. I had a background in Digital Arts from Chapman University and was doing Data Analysis for an IT Company in Orange County. I was stuck in a routine and knew only that I wanted to create memorable experiences for others but hadn’t figured out how. Read more>>

Christa Chaffins

As a singer/songwriter I spent my formative years writing songs and playing local and international settings such as coffee shops, bars, street corners, arts festivals and farmers markets. That changed quite a bit when I became a mother. Read more>>

Venus Chandler

I am a survivor of abuse such as molestation, rape, physical and mental abuse. throughout my life i had so many issues with depression and self destruction as a result. My mother who was 47 years old when she died was just a shame in itself. She was a very depressed woman and lost all hope. Read more>>

Melissa Brown

I was passionate about schedules and sleep with my daughter since the day she was born. She was able to sleep through the night by 3 months so I started sharing my schedule and tips with friends and they began having the same success. Read more>>

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