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Orange County 03.27.2018

Task Molly

I had a rough childhood growing up. I was primarily raised by my father as my mother was in and out of prison most of my life. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say I had experienced way more than a child should ever experience. Read more>>

Omar Martinez

Art has always been around me. From my family, to my interests, to the way I perceive the world. It all started with Saturday morning cartoons. As a kid I used to love watching cartoons and I would imagine these characters in my head doing wacky things that I found funny. Read more>>

Robert Culpi

I realized I wanted to to be an entrepreneur in High School. I designed some shirts for myself and started selling them to my classmates. I sold paintings, shoes, and other crafts I’d work on. It was mostly just an excuse for me to make stuff and try to be creative but I found it to be super fun. Read more>>

Craig Macomber

Coming from a small town in Northern CA called Lodi, I never thought I would be able to change peoples lives all over the country. With that said, I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for my family and friendships cultivated along the journey. Read more>>

Brandon Ferlin

I was born and raised in the Bay Area in a small down called Antioch. At the age of 8 my mom enrolled me in a youth photography class at the city community center. It wasn’t a fancy SLR where I could changes lenses. It was a point and shoot 35mm from Vivitar. Slowly my love for photography grew. Read more>>

Alan Cerna, Branden Wells

Our story traces back to our childhood days. As kids, growing up in bad neighborhoods of Santa Ana, Branden and I were exposed to bad vices that ranged from drugs, gangs, etc. Both of us saw people we knew fall into that bad lifestyle, some dead, and some we haven’t heard of and til this day, haven’t heard anything about them. Read more>>

Archie Bagnall

“Anyone can make a pretty poster, but a poster that’s driven by an idea stands-out from the rest” was a common mantra while studying for my Design degree at Falmouth University in England (I’m British!). Design being all about ideas and problem solving has been a constant thread running through my career so far – in hindsight before I even knew what design was. Read more>>

Suzanne Greenwood Cachero

I think my career path started paving its way when I was in junior high school. My mom and I were members of a charity organization, National Charity League, and participated in numerous volunteer opportunities. Read more>>

Barbara Gerovac

We like to say, half-jokingly, that our passion for beer is in our blood . . . Greg’s grandfather worked for the Pabst brewery in Milwaukee for 40 years. But we really developed our love for fresh, local beer during the seven years we lived in Bavaria, Germany. Read more>>

Jeremy Julian

The company started back in the late 80’s selling cash registers, incorporated in 1994 as a POS Value Added Reseller and has grown ever since. 7 Years ago, we went from being a VAR into a full software development house writing POS software for a multitude of restaurants. We have always focused on the restaurant vertical. Read more>>

Tania Bambridge

I’m a FIDM alum with 20 years of fashion apparel industry experience under my belt. Creativity is in my bloodliine, coming from an artistic, creative, eclectic family, and I am not happy unless I can be creative. I’m a third generation Long Beach native and as a nod to my hometown, I named my company after Long Beach, CA, using a play on the letters “L B C”. Read more>>

Teresa de Grosbois

To say I’ve been blessed would be an understatement. But I love the Virgil quote “fortune favours the bold.” Or the more current version that “luck is just opportunity meeting preparedness.” But the biggest part of that is mental preparedness. Read more>>

Meghan Pratt

I have known since I was 8 years old that styling hair was going to be my career, I never imagined anything different.I have always been fascinated by anything related to beauty and immediately couldn’t wait to head to beauty school right after high school. Read more>>

Isabella Valentina

In 2016, I started Second Messenger Studio. My background is in graphic design where a lot of my time was spent in front of a computer. I decided to change up the routine and learn a new skill so I enrolled in my first screen printing class. Read more>>

Yasmine Mason

Yasmine Mason, DC grew up on a family farm in Nevada understanding the importance of growing organic vegetables and organically raised animals. With a passion for teaching others about proper nutrition and health, Dr. Yasmine attended Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1996. Read more>>

Greer Wylder

I started Greer’s OC, a website and daily email tip sheet called the Daily Dose of OC focusing on the best in fashion, dining, trends, and events in 2006. It was right after I was let go as a columnist at the LA Times Community News and after one of my four sons was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. Read more>>

Lauren Hoffman

After getting a degree in Psychology and having two kids I fell back in love with my passions of home design, architecture, photography and creative arts. I have always wanted to curate a home goods line after working for Kerry Cassill when I was in my early 20’s. Read more>>

Jennifer Savio

For over 45 years, Creative Window Designs and Beach Drapery have specialized in creating personalized environments with the finest window covering products available. The company was founded by my father as a premier window treatment company to service home builders, interior designers, and home owners to make the ambiance of their home match the quality of their lifestyle. Read more>>

Barrie Petersen

Barrie Petersen came to real estate thru her passion of design, architecture & aptitude for connecting with people. Prior to real estate Barrie worked in the competitive garment industry doing product development for kids clothing companies. A Southern California native, she has enjoyed living in Long Beach since 1994. Read more>>

Paige Church

Designer & Creative junkie feeding my soul with creating, imagining and inventing. I believe in the importance of authenticity, community, family, philanthropy, nature, optimism, and celebrating life, in the now. Since establishing my career as a designer in 2009. I have had the pleasure of working with clientele and “gigs” Im extremely proud to have in my portfolio. Read more>>

Lella Hoang, Dana Umbarger

In 2003, Lella and Dana both received their undergraduate degrees from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Lella graduated in Cognitive Psychology and Dana in Psychology and Social Behavior. Not knowing each other during their college years, they both ended up working for a behavior therapy agency in Orange County, where they met and became fast (and best) friends! Read more>>

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