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The OC 10.2.2017

Brynn Rybacek

As Valedictorian of my high school and top of my Chapman University graduating class, it may seem strange that I have chosen yoga as my full-time job, but I have been a lover of yoga since age 11 when I stumbled upon my first yoga book. Read more>>

Paris Rezaie

For me, baking started as a hobby. The more I baked, the more I realized how ingrained that desire is in me. It started penetrating in every corner of my thoughts while I was at school pursuing a degree in biochemistry. Read more>>

Maria Mors

I started doing makeup a year ago, in addition to doing makeup. I also model, host group shoots. I also do my best to get models, makeup artist, photographers, hairstylist and stylist published. My husband Slevin Mors helps me accomplish a lot of these projects, he is a photographer and we make a great team. Read more>>

Kory Stetina

I embarked on a multi-year journey of creating a restaurant and bar that shamelessly embraced many of my personal obsessions: stiff and artful cocktails, great beer, and decadent, innovative vegan food. It was important to me that this project be an exciting addition to the local drinking and dining scene for more than just a vegan food menu. Read more>>

Linda Calderon Petty

I was photographing landscapes and water movement when a friend asked me to photograph their cousin’s wedding. I felt experienced enough as it was a simple home wedding but I was not prepared as to how this would change my photography. Read more>>

Gabriele Purrer

I grew up in Austria, outside of Salzburg (where fox and hen say good night) where I received my degree in Education and languages. Energy medicine, alternative therapies and working with what nature provides has always been of interest and way of life for me. Read more>>

Jayson Duncan

In 2003, corporate video production wasn’t a popular career choice. After a few years, I realized that there was not a lot of need for video production service in northern Maine, so my wife and I talked and we decided to move. Read more>>

Camilo Barahona

I’ve been playing the violin since I was 7 years old. I’ve always loved it and grew up with wise and inspiring teachers who were dedicated to music and to the educational process. Read more>>

Denni Barrett

After owning several hi-tech and healthcare related businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County, I wanted to retire and do something romantic – make wine. I thought it would be easy but discovered I was better at making vinegar, unintentionally. Read more>>

Robert Kittleman

Ra Yoga was born out of the desire to escape the boredom and regularity of cubicle life in corporate America. I would rush every weekday from my desk job to take a 6:30pm yoga class in Huntington Beach. Until one day a new teacher stepped in to teach one of these classes, my life was honestly changed forever. Read more>>

Janeiro Lott

My clientele continued to grow until I got to the point where I was turning customers away and my husband said, “You should open up your own salon.” I was super nervous but I took a leap of faith and the salon will be celebrating 2 years of being open in September! My husband has been my biggest motivator and for that I am truly grateful. Read more>>

Brittany Trujillo

I am a licensed esthetician and cosmetic tattoo artist, specializing in Microblading, Semi-permanent makeup and full volume lash extensions. I have loved all things beauty for as long as I can remember and that motivates me to continually expand the services I provide. Read more>>

Tom Plant

In 2009, after prompting from friends, I hung up my real estate license to pursue a wine-focused blog. I came up with the name WINEormous and slogan “We’re not wine snobs, we just like good wine” almost instantly. I decided immediately it would not be a wine review site. Read more>>

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