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Beri Halouska

I started my career at Vidal Sassoon Academy in 2003. Once I graduated I started assisting Steam Salon, and that is where I met a fellow stylist who suggested that I get trained in hair extensions. I started assisting in one of the first hair extension salons in 2005. Hair extensions were all the rage at the time and just hitting the main street market. Read More>>

Austin Mark

I have been working professionally in the makeup industry since 2006. I’ve always been a visual learner and have always been drawn to beauty in various forms. I started working with NARS Cosmetics in 2010, shortly before moving to LA. Since then I have worked all over the West coast doing makeup for events, runway shows (Badgely Mishka, Wolk Morais, The HollyRod Foundation), and editorials locally and internationally (Bunker Hill magazine, Elegant Magazine, Vice UK). Read More>>

Joseph Corsentino

As a writer, you imagine other worlds. I wasn’t a photographer back then. I had an illustrator who left to become a cop and I was forced by necessity to come up with another way to do my visuals. Photography came next. As a fan of films like Mad Max, Fifth Element, and Legend I aspired to create looks that had a sci-fi fantasy edge with a bit of Japanese editorial street fashion to bring it back to reality. Read More>> 

Sharle Kochman

Just a brief bit of info, I started my career as a hairstylist back in Maryland/dc metropolitan area in 1998. I never went to hair school, I was able to assist Diego Paez at Art and Chemistry salon, in order to get my license. Read More>>

Kristina Cardwell

I grew up in a pretty small city called Murrieta, California. I took an interest in makeup from a young age. I remember being 11 years old and saving up my allowance to buy cover girl compacts and Revlon eyeshadows from the drugstore. As my interest grew, I started reading makeup tips out of magazines and collecting books and learning. Read More>>


I studied photography in London alongside with a degree in graphic design I started Behzad Photography 27 years ago in a small office located in Beverly Hills which I shared with a couple who worked in immigration. Within 5 years I established a name for myself in the Beverly hills area and moved to a much larger office in the heart of Beverly hills on Wilshire blvd seconds away from the BMW dealership of Beverly hills. Read More>>

Dominique V. Richardson

Starting in the industry was a happy accident when I move to LA, I had no plans of pursuing a career in the industry at all. But, after being in SoCal a few months a handful of new friends and colleagues told me to look into FIDM. I had no idea you could choose a career fine arts, music, and entertainment. Upon that revelation, I was accepted went through the laborious program while working and interning. Read More>>

Katrina Caplan

From a young age, I was always very interested in art and was fascinated with creating my own drawings and paintings. I grew up in London and attended The London College of Fashion to pursue my artistic interests. While makeup had been a hobby of mine, during my time in college I started to truly develop my skills and began assisting makeup artists and hair stylists during my free time. Read More>>

Christopher Hawley

How I got started is a long convoluted story best told over your favorite alcoholic beverage and preferably after you’ve had a few. I started drawing at a young age and was always into illustrating well into my high school years. After that, i dabbled in college and found out to my knowledge that people can’t teach you how YOU need to be creative. Read More>>

Stephanie Kor

I always felt that style isn’t something you can learn, it’s a talent that you’re kind of born with.
I’ve always liked fashion since I can remember. As a kid I would always draw little fashion sketches of outfits for my friends and would be inspired by the fashion on T.V. Throughout high school, I got really into music and would change my style to reflect the type of music I was listening to at the time. Read More>>

Paija Hudson

My journey started from a very special place. Makeup saved my life! I was never taught anything about makeup growing up so I was absolutely clueless about lashes, liner, and lipstick. In college, friends would always have to do my makeup and theirs and one day they just got tired of it. Read More>>

Kenzy Kamka

I was always a kid that could never express myself except visually. I started off sketching pictures of faces, then I continued to paint abstract portraits, and that was my outlet for a few years, especially when I was going through rougher portions of high school. Read More>>

Jes Lopez

At the age of 4, I began dancing and performing. I found myself drawn to performance attire and it’s ability to create a character. As the years passed I decided I wanted to work in Fashion. Throughout my college career, I worked retail and ventured into Sales, Visual Merchandising, and Buying. Read More>>

Heather Reinhardt

I fell in love with makeup around age nine as a competition dancer. Before each performance, I would sit in front of my Caboodle mirror and paint on my stage face – including red lips and false lashes. From there, I went on to apply make-up for my dance teammates, where everyone would ask me for help and advice on how to look their best on stage. At age 21, I started working at an Aveda store in Atlanta. Read More>>

Renae Wootson

I grew up in the Suburbs of California, about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles. I spent most of my childhood dreaming and wanting to get away and experience and explore the world. It literally used to eat away at me. While everyone around me was always content, I was never satisfied. I always felt like I was different. I viewed the world through my own eyes; So art, especially Photography, was the perfect outlet. Read More>>

Paulina Andrea Acebal

When I was young, my mum and grandmum used to tell me stories and read to me. And I loved it; the way words could take you to mystical lands, the thrill of intrigue, the plot twists that could have you gasping for happy ending. But as I traveled outside the US, I realized that words were not good enough. Read More>>

Stacy Rosas

I started my artistry at a very young age. My dad, older brother, and I would sit at our kitchen table with sketch paper, pastels, and pro pencils. I loved painting, sketching, and creating in general. I took a makeup workshop for fun in Houston. James Ryder Lab. Read More>>

Pompey Demby

I have always had an interest in cameras ever since I was a child and decided to take a photography course in high school to keep my passion alive. It wasn’t until my wife and I had experienced one of our hardest moments in our life that pushed me to turn my passion into a profession. Read More>>

Reggie Reagor

I began my career in the early 2000’s. I started an independent production company with my two talented friends and we haven’t stopped since. That led me into a becoming a photographer because I found myself to be very good at visual presentation. I gained a lot of experience over the years, and I’m now very confident in my photographer skills, as well as my filmmaking talents. Read More>>

Crystal Castilla

My story is a lesson in doing what you love. After graduating high school I wanted to pursue a career in cosmetology, but some in my family told me “You won’t be able to make a living doing makeup” and insisted that I study something else. So at first I put off my dream of becoming a makeup artist. I went to college, got my degree and eventually found work in retail all the while doing freelance makeup work on the side. Read More>>


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