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Mid Wilshire 9.11.2017

Arthur Wu

If you told a younger me that he would be a “snot doctor” when he grew up, he probably would be slightly grossed out but also intrigued. You see, I have always suffered from sinus and nasal issues my whole life. I’ve been plagued by sinus infections and allergies as long as I can remember. Read more>>

Victoria Pynchon

When attorney Victoria Pynchon met adult learning specialist and personal coach Lisa Gates something magic happened. Lisa, who had launched an online leadership platform for professional, business and creative women, asked Victoria to co-lead an online negotiation workshop for her clients. Read more>>

Ashlee Krichmar

Imagine a parking lot in the middle of the winter in NJ. I am sitting in the driver’s seat, cold sweats, shakes, and holding an empty syringe. My face is sunk in, eyes completely empty, arms thrashed and full of abscess. Crying, because I am once again, dope sick and need to get well. Read more>>

Mascha Davis

I started Nomadista Nutrition, a nutrition consulting private practice, in 2016, after returning to LA from five years working in Africa. I was doing humanitarian aid work and was very passionate about continuing even when back in LA, which is how I became involved with the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation (, an incredible nonprofit providing education to children in South Sudan. Read more>>

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