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Mid Wilshire 6.12.2017

Christy Biberich

The story behind why I do what I do probably began as a kid, when I meticulously scoured home and garden magazines for house plans and imagined renovating the 150-year-old farmhouse I grew-up in. But the origins of my career are rooted in what was the new and burgeoning business of professional organizing in the early 2000s. I saw an opportunity to do two things I loved immensely; transform spaces and improve people’s lives. Read More>>

Ellie Bae

Before the development of Gallery CLU, I have an art studio, In Art, teaching art to students K-12. In developing Gallery CLU, it all started when I was with my art association, Beloved In Art Association (BIAA) and needed a gallery to exhibit our works. As founder and president of BIAA, I felt that it was appropriate to develop a gallery and provide a place to exhibit our members’ artworks. Read More>>

Rachel Charlupski

I always babysat when I was in high school in Detroit, Michigan and when I went to school in Phoenix area I didn’t know anyone to babysit and with a lot of extra time in college I wanted to continue working as a babysitter. I went to the local hotels and if anyone needed a babysitter they would call me. Soon I started getting calls from clients who I worked with in Phoenix to see if I knew anyone in Los Angeles, NYC etc. Read More>>

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