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Mid Wilshire 4.3.2017

Brian Vaiatica

The company started in 2010 with the idea to help people with small jobs. We wanted to provide the help that they needed, but couldn’t find with bigger companies. Read More>>

Tal Rabinowitz

I spent 20 years in the Entertainment Industry. I was running Comedy at NBC when I began meditating. As I was meditating daily (blocking it off on my schedule) I was searching for a place that I could drop in before work, or during lunch to take a meditation class and I couldn’t find one. Read More>>

Rebecca Donze

I did an exchange program with UC Irvine when I was 21 and I realized by then the potential OC and LA have for French food. When I came back to France, the idea of opening a business eventually in SoCal set in my mind. Read More>>

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