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Mid Wilshire 4.17.2017

Lara Sims Prawat

I’ve been obsessed with designing clothes since I earned a fashion design badge with my Girl Scout troop in middle school. I pursued a fashion design degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Read More>>

Lindsey Carse

I started working at a salon in Billings Montana as the towel girl/ cleaning girl at 15.. way cooler then working at the Dairy Queen … I fell in love with hair and the art of it and new I wanted to achieve the most I could. Read More>>

Ashkan Khodabakhsh

Dr. Ashkan Khodabakhsh, D.C or “Dr. Ash” as he likes to be called, is an avid sports fan. He spent his youth playing sports and learning about physical fitness. He was injured at a soccer game and one of his teammate’s mothers was an chiropractor healed him on the spot allowing him to return to the game where he ended up scoring the winning goal for the tournament championship. Read More>>

Fabiola Mucito

I was introduced to spray tanning at a spa that I worked at. I imminently loved the results of a spray tan. With a spray tan I felt confident to wear outfits I would have otherwise not wear. Read More>>

Calley Williams

I did my undergrad in math, as I was always fascinated by astronomy and the universe. After I was done with my studies I knew it was not my career path, and after a fortuitous meeting with a new friend, became fascinated with Chinese medicine. Read More>>

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