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Mid Wilshire 2.6.2017

Grant Nelson

Started my career in Hospitality at 17 years old as a dishwasher & line cook for Earls Restaurants in Vancouver, Canada.Worked in Restaurants as a waiter in Toronto until graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Political Science. Read More>>

Yoleine Dumarsais

I had a production background, working at a wonderful production company for 5 years. I came to a point where I had to really decide if I wanted to continue growing in television production or if I should switch gears. I decided to switch gears, but everything fell into place along the way. Read More>>

Jay Yoo

After graduating college with a degree in communications and film, I began to work in Photojournalism for various news outlets. At first, it was great! I was having a blast doing what I’ve always wanted to do—work behind a camera. As the days went by, I soon realized that there were many creative limitations and restrictions in this field of work. I wanted to learn, experiment, and expand my creativity and storytelling skills. Read More>>

Courtney Lindberg

LIGHT was my first word as a child and has become my obsession. I picked up a camera in high school and quickly fell in love, finding a deep creative outlet behind my lens and in the dark room. Read More>>

Keiko Uehara

Hi Keiko here. I am the founders of BMA organic salon and Head Spa! Sayaka is my partner and talented master stylist and Head Spa technician. BMA stands for Blow Me Away as I purchased an existing “blow dry bar” but have totally transformed it. With BMA organic salon and Head Spa, we have brought to Los Angeles, California USA the incredible Head Spa experience within our awesome cutting edge full service salon on exciting 3rd Street in the Beverly Grove neighborhood. Read More>>

Justin Chung

My Acupuncture career has been really eventful.I started studying Oriental Medicine and herbology from Naju College, South Korea in 2004 after two years of constantly questioning and doubting my linguistics major. Read More>>

Christy Camp-Quade

I have been interested in aesthetics since I was a young girl growing up in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. However, I was mostly interested in how tan I could get until I hit my early 30′s when the UV damage and hyperpigmentation started to surface. Starting a strict skin regiment and chemical peel schedule saved my skin, and I now look better than ever with healthy, glowing skin. As an esthetician dedicated to skin care I want to help my clients achieve the healthiest skin possible from the inside out. Read More>>

Petal Walker

With a passion for wellness and beauty, I believe I was bound to find my way through the beauty industry. Growing up with predominantly women, I learned the importance of taking responsibility for your skin. Through many jobs I found a niche for the best way to offer service, and what to expect from them. Read More>>

Mariana Chicet

Chicet is helping many to treat extremely irritated, sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin. For many years, they have depended on her products every day. Many in the entertainment field as: actresses, models, actors, producers, writers and make-up artists entrust their skin to Mariana Chicet for her skin care expertise. Read More>>

Anne Kelly-Saxenmeyer

PLAY began with my son, Jack. When he was born, in 2002, my husband, James, and I were both freelancers, so we were lucky to be able to arrange our schedules around being with him. Neither of us had ever imagined ourselves working with children and families, but the experience of those first years with Jack—learning how to be parents, re-reading all of our favorite children’s books, discovering music with him, painting together in our kitchen, and just following his interests—felt so much more exciting than anything we were doing professionally at the time that it kind of took over our lives. Read More>>

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