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Mid Wilshire 2.13.2017

Caitlin Richardson

I decided to do hair because it thought it would be the most lucrative career that at the same time would offer me the most amount of freedom.I was right.I took the long road when it came to building a clientele, because the way I do blonde is time consuming and requires less maintenance, which means less clients I can take a day and more time between appointments. Read More>>

Nicci Levy

I’ve worked in the Beauty industry for 18 years. I started on the cosmetics side of the business where I worked for cosmetic companies such as Benefit Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics. Read More>>

Verina Schafer

My journey started when I was still a teenager in high school. I finished my required classes early and signed up for a program that required me to leave the school for half the day, training for a career in cosmetology. Read More>>

Kelly Wood

I grew up in San Fernando Valley , Ca. The daughter and granddaughter of exceptional hairstylists. I decided I wanted to do hair once I realized college wasn’t the route I wanted to take. Read More>>

Lou DeRosa

Marconda’s Meats is a family-owned and operated butcher and meat market, specializing in natural, premium meats and located in the Los Angeles Farmers Market. We opened in 1941, selling mostly ground meats and sausages, and to this day we still make our original meat loaves and wide variety of sausages. Read More>>

Christopher Vazquez

I (Chris Vazquez) started SoundLife Music Academy with one of my best friends Michael Torres in May of 2013. We are both Berklee College Of Music Alums and have had successful careers as Los Angeles session musicians. Read More>>


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