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Mid Wilshire 10.2.2017

Isabella Koretz

Isabella is a successful entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness industry. She knows the who, the where, and the what. Her passion for excellence and determination has granted her access to all things beauty and health. Prior to taking over Ciel Spa, Isabella founded Pearl Wellness Retreat and established it as the premier post-surgical aftercare facility. Read more>>

Jason Stafford

My fascination with the fashion industry began the first time I opened a European fashion magazine. I was in awe of the stunning photographs, incredible fabrics, fantastical people in jaw dropping locations. I knew I wanted to be a part of this world but wasn’t sure how. Read more>>

Shana Yao

I was a high end retail and shopping center marketing director for 25 years, working with international brands, Rodeo Drive, and entrepreneurs. During the economic downfall in 2009, I lost my job and hit a low point after both my parents died It wasn’t until I was forced to start a business when I couldn’t find a job in the failed economy. Read more>>

Oren Castro, Ben Delamont, and Ed Servaites

We were freelance post-production editors working on some of the biggest TV hits including American Idol, the Oscars, and America’s Got Talent. We were in high demand as “A level” story tellers. However, we felt we could develop more compelling creative for our clients if we brought our talents together under one roof and lead the shows teams. Read more>>

Jennifer Amodei

At age 18 I took trip to Paris, for the first time leaving the United States and all that was familiar to me. There’s passion for design, art, architecture, the theater bloomed. I spent many years back and forth from Europe learning and growing my sense of self and style. Read more>>

Cheryl Lee Scott

I opened the gallery on Friday, November 13, 2015 with an exhibition of my own work that I made on Instagram. Historically, I had not revealed myself to others as an artist (I make jewelry and had been a residential real estate agent for many years), but deep down I have always been a creative. Read more>>

Devi Lastari and Jeffrey Bomes

I was born in Bali and lived there my whole life before moving to the US. My husband Jeffrey likes to say that the Balinese live with one foot in the spirit world and with one foot on earth. It is very common in Bali that when people are sick, they do not go to doctors, they go to Balinese healers, called Balians. Read more>>

Stephanie Macadaan

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in working with couples, and those starting anew after a life change. My path to what I consider my “dream job” was long and winding, but it landed me exactly where I am meant to be. From as early as I can remember, I was working as a “therapist” in some capacity. Read more>>

Michael Reiken

I started Aristokat Media in my home town in Brisbane, Australia. I moved here in 2011 and began to grow the business. We started to get new clients in all different industries and just grew and grew. I have worked in the film/tv industry at Lionsgate and a few other smaller production companies but felt like I always needed my own creative control and outlet so hence why I started Aristokat Media. Read more>>

Amir Marmar

The real start to my company was back in November of 2012 when I decided to quit a 6 figure job in Las Vegas and work for myself. It definitely took me a lot of hard work, determination and basically hustle, to get to where I am at today. My company is 5 years old and has grown year over year. Read more>>

Diane Scalia

My sister Lisa birthed the idea to be LA’s first Food Tours company, back in 2007. She wanted to combine her passions for food and travel, but didn’t want to veer too far from our hometown. She’d had a very successful career in real estate, and she knows LA neighborhoods in her sleep. Read more>>

Radu Georgescu

I came to LA about 9 years ago with a job as a software engineer and I was in need for a long term rental car. I found out all major car rental companies were renting cars that were very expensive so I looked for shops renting out cheaper and older cars but those cars were very uncool at all so I decided to do this business myself and rent out cars that I would like to drive. Read more>>

David Bowman

Executive coach, lecturer/actor, author, Fortune 200 executive, entrepreneur, educator – David Bowman – has helped many thousands find more productive and fulfilling careers. And, he has helped bring many corporations through issues of change during the past 25 years. Read more>>

Paul Alan Smith

Prior to starting in the mailroom at Triad Artists in 1984, I studied theatre. Significantly, theatre represented an integral part of our democracy, as it was a very constructive form of allowing folks to reflect upon the true fabric of our society. I (naively) intended to amp that up by coming to showbiz with the hopes of applying that same mindset. Read more>>

Paul Turek

I began life as the U.S born son of an Eastern European immigrant blacksmith who early on in life taught me the value of doing good and being a craftsman. So, I became a surgeon. More specifically, a urologic microsurgeon who specializes in men’s health and reproductive microsurgery. Read more>>

Jila Davachi

I had just started my third year at UCLA when life events obligated me to move out on my own. I started working part-time for a small company while continuing my education. Unfortunately, the company went out of business, and I was once again looking for another job. I felt confident that I can start up my own company. Read more>>

Reyna Dave

We started in 2011 after a conversation between a few teacher friends and myself; wouldn’t it be great if we could help our students develop certain skills that — as educators– we knew required individualized attention? Thus, we set out to provide these valuable skills outside of school hours. Our success rate was tremendous! Read more>>

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