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Mid Wilshire 1.8.17

Rochel Ferman

Rochel Ferman, mother of two beautiful daughters, Jordana & Ariella (6 & 4.5 respectively) and wife to Roy Ferman, founded and created “Make My Baby Smile.” Read More>>

Gloria Holdrege

I have been lovingly whipping up wonderful morsels for over a decade for family & friends and now I have recently begun mini bites catering & dessert bar. Read More>>

Holly Nguyen

We opened our first store at 5600 Wilshire in 2010. We opened our second store at Sunset + Vine in 2013.

AB Design Studio, an award-winning architectural firm based in Santa Barbara, conceptualized the spa’s contemporary space while New York City entrepreneur and business partner Eric Wynn lent his name to the business. Read More>>

Jovan Johnson

I came up with the idea for Braidly because I was tired of traveling at 5am, for an hour, so my wife could get her hair braided by our favorite stylists. I quickly noticed that there were two things that were missing, convenience and ease of finding a vetted hair braider no matter where you’re located. I began to research the idea to see just how hard it was to find a professional hair stylist and after a few hours I quit. There was something broken and I wanted to fix it by using technology. After many interviews with my wife and hairstylists, I soon realized that hairstylists hated the process of marketing themselves and clients hated searching for them. After many internal debates, I went ahead and came up with the name and created a landing page in a few days. Read More>>

Christine Burke

My husband and I had fallen into yoga in New York (though we met years later in L.A.) as actors who were searching for something to support and enhance the mind, body, spirit connection within a busy city lifestyle. We both sought to stay connected to our authentic selves amidst the challenges faced when making a life as a performer. We moved to L.A. the same year (1996), still unknown to each other, and continued on a path of discovery through yoga. Ultimately we met (at a bakery) fell in love and began our yoga journey together at Center For Yoga in Larchmont. Read More>>

Nick Kane

After decades of experience working for other companies, I started as a high-quality service with better business practices. I created a top rate highest quality service with the best equipment. I passionately research the sacred art of making fun memories with everybody together and now I sometimes teach other performers too! Plus I still do a few charity gigs now and then just to give back. Read More>>

T.J. Runnells

I was fortunate to grow up in a baseball family. My father was in professional baseball when I was born and played and coached 41 years in the game. I spent the majority of my childhood summers in a stadium. I fell in love with the game and my passion grew stronger as I got older. I was one of the lucky ones to get the opportunity to play professional baseball for 7 years. I played for the Detroit Tigers organization as well as Independent Professional baseball I got to travel around the US and play in many different cities. Met a lot of people and made many friendships along the way. Read More>>

Luis Melo & Jesse Gutierrez

We are a small, but growing event planning service. In 2012, my partner Jesse and I, Luis, started this business because we love planning and decorating special events. In the beginning, our shop was much smaller; we focused on floral arrangements, balloons, and rentals. As we gained more experience and with the support of our community, we established ourselves as a full event planning service. Our true passion lies in putting together events from head to toe, and setting them up, down to the smallest detail. As of now, we are known as a one-stop-shop. Read More>>

Derek Basco

I started out as a breakdancer in the 80’s. I was part of one of the top breakdancing crews in the San Francisco Bay Area called the Streat Freaks (along with my brothers). We danced at all the major sporting events and eventually got scholarships to the San Francisco Ballet Company. Read More>>

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