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Mid Wilshire 1.30.2017

Marion Simms

My story began in the UK where I was raised in the Sussex countryside. Both my parents were entrepreneurs and that had a great influence on me – I knew that I too wanted to own my own business eventually. Read More>>

Antonio Whiteley

I started as a pre-med student at USC. It was there that I had a change of heart and opted for alternative medicine. Received my Master’s degree from Samra University in 1999 and have been practicing ever since. I started my career in Los Angeles, but also practiced in New York, San Diego and have been back practicing in LA for 8 years. Read More>>

Hye Sung Yun

Dr. Yun graduated from Samra University of Oriental Medicine with a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2008 and earned her Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine at America Liberty University in  2010. She specializes in Infertility (Ph.D. thesis), Pain control (neck and shoulder, back pain), GI problems (Colitis, Crohn’s disease), Anxiety and Insomnia, And Facial Acupuncture. Read More>>

 Bonnie McBridge

My philosophy is all about capturing the most precious moments in life. There is never a bad photography, but a bad photographer. There is never a bad pose, but it is up to the photographer to capture the best angle, light, background, camera set up to make it perfect. Read More>>

Joey Giorgianni

I’ve always been fond of cooking. In fact, I wanted to go to culinary school since I was a teen, but my parents didn’t want me “cutting vegetables for someone for minimum wage”. I graduated high school early, began college, & eventually blew through my entire college fund trying to find something I wanted. Read More>>

Krista and Kelvin Ramirez

Kelvin and I met dancing. It has always been a part of our lives together. We are both professional dancers and our dream was to make a living doing what we love. When a friend asked us to choreograph her wedding dance, we had the time of our lives working with the couple. Read More>>

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