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Mid Wilshire 06.05.2018

Erika Singleton

At age 18 I developed a strong passion for working out and becoming fit, by the age of 19 I became a certified personal trainer. My passion for training continued to grow and develop, I became so focused on being fit and helping other’s become fit, from there I became a national competing Figure (bodybuilding) competitor. I competed for over four years consistently developing my body and becoming the woman I always sought out to be. Read more>>

Arnie Gilles

I started selling clothes online back in 2013. We would buy our stocks in Thailand, personally picked by me and my business partner who is based in the Philippines. Fast forward today, I am a Personal Shopper for my clients in the Philippines. Some people from there who wants to get updated with the latest sneakers, bags, clothes, shoes and etc. they would reach out for me and ask me to buy the stuff that they want that’s only available here in the U.S. Read more>>

Tanya Pongrac

I left a small town in 2010 to start a course in special effects makeup in LA, 2000 miles from all that I had known. I always had an obsession with special effects in film and took classes on color theory, 3D design, and painting. Shortly after I started my course at Joe Blasco in Hollywood, I answered a Craigslist ad for spray tanning and thought “I love airbrushing and painting, how bad could this be?” It was unfortunately not what I expected! Read more>>

Lisa Lafferty

I’m from Oxnard, CA and I have a passion for food, luxury, travel, fitness, and healthy living. In school, I was a bit of a tomboy and was a star softball player. I worked at a number of restaurants when I was younger, as well as the post office. I have been featured on a number of reality shows, but I won’t tell you which ones! I started working in catering and events, a few years ago, and moved to LA to pursue my passions. Read more>>

Masha Balovlenkov

Stand Tall unofficially began in 2013 when the founders Masha Balovlenkov and Jason Smith traveled to Africa to volunteer in the small town of Moshi, Tanzania. Masha volunteered with a local organization called Jipe Moyo, a program that provides services for women with chronic health conditions and a nursery school for their children. The biggest problem she noticed in Moshi was that many people she met needed more advanced treatments. Read more>>

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