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Mid Wilshire 05.22.2018

Kate Kelly

For a number of years, I worked as a writer/collaborator co-authoring consumer books with doctors and business people who didn’t have time to write their books themselves. One of the books–written about 20 years ago–was about how Internet businesses was going to grow. Read more>>

Ruben Cielak

My story starts with my family’s experience as immigrants. My grandparents left Eastern Europe before the 2nd World War. As Jewish immigrants, they landed in Mexico’s coast with very little money and worked hard to provide for their family and make a name for themselves. Read more>>

Kasey Blaustein

Kasey Jones, Ink. started as a creative outlet / hobby while I was Brand Manager at a start-up spirits company. Although branding and marketing is a passion of mine, I wasn’t fulfilled professionally (and therefore emotionally) and decided to start exploring creative projects on my off hours. Read more>>

Kim Bergman

In the 90’s I was a busy LA psychologist in private practice working with lots of different clients and especially working with lesbian and gay clients. I was also a lesbian mom at a time where that was not easy, and the path was not yet worn. Read more>>

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